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    Mr. Skin   FULL REVIEW

    In: Celebrities | User Ratings: 3.4/5    5

    Mr. Skin is the world's leading expert on female nudity in film and is a goddamned legend in the online porn industry, thus no introduction is necessary but I will go on anyway. This guy has parlayed his childhood obsession with taping and cataloging nudity in movies into an empire of filth. He estimates that he's viewed over twenty thousand movies, although he has no idea what any of them were about because he was too busy fast-forwarding to the good parts (i.e., the bits with the naked chicks). So if...

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    Mr. Man   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Celebrities | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score83

    Mr. Man is a site from the creators of Mr. Skin and provides something that had previously been lacking in online porn; The hottest male celebrities the way they were supposed to be seen. Showing off their handsome bodies for all of us to savor and enjoy. All of the content on Mr. Man is taken from popular movies and television shows. This allows members to drool over the bodies of such Hollywood hunks as Micheal Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Mark Wahlberg and Colin Farrell. If you... Read the Review

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    Male Stars   FULL REVIEW

    In: Celebrities | User Ratings: 3.7/5    3

    tot. score79

    Male Stars may very well be one of the best celebrity sex sites out there. Whether you're a straight lady or a gay guy, you're sure to enjoy your visit here. Filled with pages of some of the hottest guys in the world, there's no way you won't find someone that'll get your motor running. Male Stars has a great mix of celebrity gossip articles and naked/provocative photos. This mix of content really got me going and I hope it'll be the same for... Read the Review

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    Male Celebrities   FULL REVIEW

    In: Celebrities | User Ratings: 3.3/5    4

    tot. score78

    Looking for celebrity news, juicy gossip and naked pics of your favorite male stars? Look no further than Male Celebrities, where you can read the latest Hollywood headlines and get a peek at your favorite stars in the buff. Male Celebrities, which has been online since 1995, possesses one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of famous male nudity in the world - this site is constantly updated with breaking news, candid photos and stills from movies. But is it really as great as it... Read the Review

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    Male Celebs   EXPRESS REVIEW

    In: Celebrities | User Ratings: 4.0/5    1

    tot. score78

    Male Celebs brings you all that's hot in the world of male celebrities. Actors, models, musicians and pornstars are all presented to you in paparazzi photos that were taken when the male celebs thought no one was looking. Along with those hot male celebs you also get some great first timers in hardcore action, hot hunks fucking in the shower, twinks in full length gay videos and even more. This site is packed with everything a gay man could want to... Read the Review

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    Female Celebrities   FULL REVIEW

    In: Celebrities | User Ratings: 3.6/5    5

    tot. score72

    Nude celebrity sites are a dime a dozen these days - you can't throw a rock in cyberspace without hitting one or two of 'em. Female Celebrities is yet another site peddling the same infamous photographs and embarrassing sex tapes of naked famous folks that we've all seen a million times. The best stuff found on Female Celebrities has made the rounds a thousand times by now - these pics and videos are certainly great, but they can be found for free on countless sites and newsgroups, so is Female... Read the Review

    Latest Reviews

  1. Mr. Man

    Total Score: 83
  2. Mr. Skin

    Total Score: 90
  3. Male Stars

    Total Score: 79
  4. Male Celebrities

    Total Score: 78
  5. Female Celebrities

    Total Score: 72
  6. Male Celebs

    Total Score: 78
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  • Free Nude Celebrities Featuring Eva Mendes

    In: Celebrities

    Eva Mendes is one of the most beautiful Latinas working in Hollywood to date and we have tons of photos and videos of her showing off her smoking body. Get a good look at her tits and ass as she shows them off in a series of films that we've indexed for you, cutting out the clothing and getting right to the skin. Eva was born in Miami but raised in Los Angeles. She is of Cuban-American descent, so that is where she gets her light coco colored skin and deep, dark nipples....

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  • Nude Celebs Like Lady Gaga Love To Show Off

    In: Celebrities

    There are many nude celebs who top my list of stars I want to fuck and some of them might surprise you. Like Lady Gaga. Yes, I want to fuck Lady Gaga. Sure, she might seem a bit weird, but have you checked out this nude stars body? Any guy who doesn't want to stick his cock in that is probably not into girls period. When I first saw the video of this nude celebrity, I wasn't real blown away. Her looks really didn't suit me. I'm not saying that she is ugly, but she doesn't...

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  • Nude Celebrity Tits Of Salma Hayek

    In: Celebrities

    Do you remember that scene in the movie From Dusk To Dawn where Salma Hayek plays a vampire stripper dancing with a big ass python? If you saw this movie, then I know that you at least remember this scene. It was so fucking hot I almost had to stop the movie so I could stroke my cock. And Salma Hayek didn't even get naked in this movie. She just did a provocative dance. Imagine if I had gotten a chance to see her naked juggs for real. It would be fucking awesome. Well, I am happy to say that... Read The Rest

  • Finally Nude Celebrity Snaps Of Scarlett Johansson

    In: Celebrities

    I have been a fan of Scarlett Johansson for a long time now. Not because she is the best actress in the world or anything, but because I have always been warm for her form. Now, I'm not saying that I don't think she is a fine actress because she is. I have enjoyed all of her performances in movies such as The Horse Whisperer, The Girl with the Pearl Earring and Don Jon. I'm just saying that she has a body that was made for sin. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of content of her smoking hot... Read The Rest

  • Penelope Cruz Has Some Awesome Free Nude Celeb Pics

    In: Celebrities

    I have to admit that I really enjoy checking out the free nude celeb pics that I have found of Penelope Cruz. This Spanish actress is really a fucking looker. I would plow her fucking fields in a New York minute. I wouldn't even think twice about it. I found her pictures and videos on a great nude celebrity porn site called the Celeb Porn Archive. A site that really takes pride in its collection of nude stars and celebrities. A collection that has really kept me busy over the past few years... Read The Rest

  • All Kinds Of Free Nude Celeb Pics Featuring Naomi Watts

    In: Celebrities

    Naomi Watts might be getting a little long in the tooth, but I have to admit that I would still bend her over my couch and fuck the shit out of her. I have no doubts about that. Now I know some of you might prefer to fuck the younger version of Naomi Watts, but this actress is fuck material for me no matter what age she is at. Fortunately, the Celeb Porn Archive has both the younger and older version of this sexy blonde actress. Yep, you heard me right. They have free nude celeb pics of all... Read The Rest

  • Anne Hathaway is One Of The Hottest Nude Celebrities

    In: Celebrities

    Nude celebrities such as Anne Hathaway always make me stop and look. I just have to take a peep if this chick is showing off her tits or ass. I mean come on. She was fucking cat woman. There is no guy in the world who wouldn't check out cat woman's tits. Another reason I love nude stars like Anne Hathaway because they always seem so sweet in the movies. Other than that role in Batman, this chick mostly plays nice, sweet girl next door type roles. She just seems innocent. And you know what... Read The Rest

  • Free Nuce Celebs Featuring A Naked Salma Hayek

    In: Celebrities

    Salma Hayek is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood today. She may be in her forties but she is still as gorgeous as ever and we are convinced it's her feisty Mexican descent that keeps her looking so good. You've come to the right place for all the best free nude celebrity images, photos and videos and this set of Salma Hayek nudes are super hot. Expelled from private school for being too much of a prankster, Salma has a wild and naughty streak to her which has lead to her taking... Read The Rest

  • Nude Celebrities Such As Jessica Alba Show Their Tits

    In: Celebrities

    I never really considered myself a fan of nude celebrities. Sure, there were times when in my life when I would sneak a peek at Lady Gaga or Alicia Silverstone, but I never really considered myself to be a die hard fan of nude movie stars. That is until I caught some pictures of Jessica Alba on Mr. Skin. That is when I caught her perfect Latina breast in a movie called Into The Blue. Wow, it just blew me away. Her skin looks so soft and her tits are so high and perky. I would totally fuck... Read The Rest

  • Naked Celebs Like Paris In Celeb Porn Archive

    In: Celebrities

    Since some of you can't seem to get enough of seeing naked celebs showing off their pussy in public, I've decided that I will introduce you to a great new porn site. A porn site that specializes in naked celebs showing off their goods for the camera. And this site is called the Celeb Porn Archive. If you have never visited the Celeb Porn Archive, then let me tell you flat out that you are missing out on something truly special. A site that has all of the popular naked celebrities of the day... Read The Rest

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