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  • total score88

    Lady Sonia   FULL REVIEW

    In: Femdom | User Ratings: 4.6/5    5

    There are so many ways that you can describe Lady Sonia and her website. You can call her a cougar, a mistress, a dominatrix, a fetishist or you can just call her damned hot. Lady Sonia has had her website operational for several years and has perfected what one would call an amazing blend of fetish and hardcore sex. She is one of the hottest women to ever call Britain home and will keep you busy from the time you log on until you pass out from...

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    Rubber Doll   FULL REVIEW

    In: Latex | User Ratings: 4.5/5    2

    tot. score80

    Rubber Doll, a fetching minx with a penchant for donning rubber clothing (hence the name), lives a "private latex-encased lifestyle" and her website is her "kinky corner of the web" where she allows the world the opportunity to take "a journey" with her to "the outer limits of fetish and kink." Isn't that thoughtful of her? I thought so too! Well, what are we waiting for? Pack your bags, kids, we're going on a trip to the outer limits of fetish and kink... Read the Review

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    Latex Angel   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Extreme | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score78

    Angelina is the Latex Angel, a German gal who stuffs all kinds of random things up her muff, like baseball bats and Nerf footballs. Pretty erotic, huh? Let's just say that a game of touch football with Angelina could easily go pear-shaped, which is probably fine with the Latex Angel, who just loves to fuck herself with pieces of fruit! Angelina also adores shoving things up her ass, including dicks, dildos, veggies and fists. Oh, and she also likes to fist her own mouth. Fun stuff.... Read the Review

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    Latexxx Girls   EXPRESS REVIEW

    In: Latex | User Ratings: 4.0/5    2

    tot. score70

    According to its self-congratulatory tour, Latexxx Girls is where you can "catch the hottest latex action on the net." The tour also claims that the gals employed by Latexxx Girls are "the most fuckable babes in latex online" and that they "sure know how to fuck when asked to fuck." Well! That's pretty much all I ask for in a "latex girl," so you won't hear any complaints coming from me with regards to Latexxx Girls. Latexxx Girls does it right, as far as... Read the Review

    Latest Reviews

  1. Lady Sonia

    Total Score: 88
  2. Latexxx Girls

    Total Score: 70
  3. Latex Angel

    Total Score: 78
  4. Rubber Doll

    Total Score: 80
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Latest Blog Posts

  • A Virtual Rubber Fetish Joy Ride

    In: Latex / Leather

    If you are reading this, then I can probably make the assumption that you are either a rubberists or you are curious about the whole rubber fetish genre. If that is the case, then let me tell you that today might just be your lucky day. That's because I have found the mother of all vinyl fetish sites. This site is called Rubber Eva. On this site, members get treated to fantastic hardcore and softcore videos of the beautiful rubber fetishist Eva doing what she does best....

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  • How About This Slut Dressed In Latex?

    In: Latex / Leather

    I have to admit that latex sex might not be for everyone. Not every person can enjoy the personal sexual satisfaction that rubber sex delivers. That's okay because this is a genre that isn't meant for everyone. It is something that is really meant for those men and women who really get it. Of course, you can't tell if you are a fan of latex intercourse until you have visited a porn site that really takes the genre seriously. I mean come on. You can't say that you love or...

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  • Women In Latex Can Be Enjoyed By Everyone

    In: Latex / Leather

    Fem Latex knows there is one way to really enjoy the female form, and that way is showing women in latex pose for the camera. There is something really sexy about babes in rubber. Something that is very hard to explain, but I think I will give it a shot here. When you wrap girls in latex, then you transform them from the ordinary into the extraordinary. The material hugs their curves so tightly it actually accentuates them. Their tits look better and their asses look bigger. It is such a... Read The Rest

  • Strong Fem Women Ejoying Latex Play

    In: Latex / Leather

    We know you are going to love these two strong feminine women as they enjoy some sexy latex play time. Purple is the color of the day and these two hotties wear it well. Coupled with their stiletto heels and impromptu leashes, this is one scene that you are going to want to feast your cock on. Watch as they exchange power play roles as they take turns worshiping each other. This video is shot in such high quality that you can see every crease in their tight latex pants as they move and... Read The Rest

  • It's Time To Answer The Rubber Fetish Call

    In: Latex / Leather

    Rubber Eva wants to extend a very special invitation to all of you rubberists out there. She wants you to come to her new porn site and let her take you on a sexual journey that explores every aspect of the rubber fetish. And when I say ever aspect of this genre I mean it. When you enter into the sexual fantasies of Eva's rubber fetish you will become totally immersed in every aspect of this genre. She offers everything from exhibitionism, to light bondage and hardcore sex. And she uses a... Read The Rest

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