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  • total score83

    Pregnant Wishes   FULL REVIEW

    In: Pregnant | User Ratings: 4.0/5    2

    A pregnant wish usually goes along the lines of "I wish I hadn't gotten that girl pregnant," but not at Pregnant Wishes, where girls get preggers and then get fucked. Pregnant Wishes is pregnant with all kinds of hardcore featuring mothers-to-be. There aren't many pregnant girls who are ready to spread their legs wide and show their naughtiest sexual desires to the whole world, but Pregnant Wishes have been lucky enough to find quite a few of them to share with the world....

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    Knocked Up Nina   FULL REVIEW

    In: Pregnant | User Ratings: 4.9/5    7

    tot. score77

    Getting knocked up seems to be the trend lately, what with all these Hollywood Moms and even a mainstream movie of the same title recently, so it's no surprise that preggo sites are popping up all over the internet and generating a considerable amount of heat. Knocked Up Nina features the lovely teen Nina, who has gotten herself into quite a predicament after some dude blew his nut deep inside her snizz. Nina strips and poses her way to a brand new income to support her unborn child in this... Read the Review

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    Asian Prego   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Asians | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score75

    Asian Prego is a site that could probably convince a few people that they were wrong in thinking that pregnant women can't be just as hot as before the seed was planted. Some people just can't see the beauty in it... but if they can't see beauty with these sweet Asian women then I really can't help any further. Anyway, you're getting access to an archive of DVDs here that updates regularly and, here's the best part, they all feature pregnant Asian babes doing everything you thought you'd never... Read the Review

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    Preggo Playground   EXPRESS REVIEW

    In: Pregnant | User Ratings: 3.5/5    2

    tot. score73

    The pregnant whores on Preggo Playground are ready to pop anytime, but it hasn't slowed them down one bit. If you like swollen breasts and big bellies on chicks that like it hardcore, you may want to see the girls play on Preggo Playground. As a member, you'll find 100 + photo galleries and a modest collection of streaming or downloadable videos featuring hardcore fucking, cock sucking, close ups of preggo pussies, anal sex, lactating tits dripping milk and... Read the Review

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    Lactating Wives   EXPRESS REVIEW

    In: Pregnant | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score73

    A membership to Lactating Wives, which is "home to tons of babes milking their full breasts" and "hours and hours of hot sexy girls squeezing the milk out of their tits," is "like having your own dairy!" Lactating Wives is pregnant with dozens of hardcore fuck scenes and hand-milking episodes, all starring lactating amateur wives - these babes' milk bags will keep you well-fed for ages to come. So join Lactating Wives, pour yourself a big bowl of Cheerios and get... Read the Review

    Latest Reviews

  1. Pregnant Wishes

    Total Score: 83
  2. Knocked Up Nina

    Total Score: 77
  3. Asian Prego

    Total Score: 75
  4. Lactating Wives

    Total Score: 73
  5. Preggo Playground

    Total Score: 73
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  • Let's Meet A Pregnant Nude Goddess Ready To Fuck

    In: Pregnant

    Pregnant nude women are some of the sexiest undressed ladies on the planet. Maybe it's because their bodies are the ultimate symbol of female fertility, or maybe it is because us guys know these chicks are willing to give up the pussy. It doesn't really matter because pregnant undressed babes have always made my dick as hard as a piece of iron. A pregnant naked babe that I have discovered recently is the chick in this photo. Wow, just looking at this pregnant uncovered...

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  • Preggo Porn Is The Easiest Way To Get The Sex You Want

    In: Pregnant

    The tight juicy pussy of a preggo chick is not something that you should take lightly. Especially one that loves to be hammer long and hard. After all, how many times are you going to meet a pregnant chick who is not only beautiful and sexy but is also likely to fuck you? Not too often I imagine. When you meet a knocked up chick then you have to consider that she is in this condition for a reason. That reason is that she already hooked up with someone and likely has a...

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  • Preggo Babes Are Hotter When They Are Fucking

    In: Pregnant

    There is something about preggo babes that can really capture the attention of some of us guys. I don't know if it is their big milk filled juggs or their perfectly round pregnant bellies, but these women can really grab you by the cock and lead you to the promised land. And that is just seeing a preggo chick naked. Watching one of these knocked up babes fucking can be another type of experience altogether. It seems to really ratchet up the excitement level to whole new heights. It is one of... Read The Rest

  • Pregnant Teen Cheerleader Shows She Has The Right Stuff

    In: Pregnant

    I'm going to introduce you to a knocked up teen name Isabelle. This pregnant teen was a cheerleader on her college's football team. That is, until she got impregnated by some really lucky guy. Now she is making ends meet by showing off that sweet face of hers and that perfect body. Few things are more inviting than seeing a preggo teen like Isabelle showing off her swollen belly or sweet juicy pussy. It will make you harder faster than you can say knocked up!! Every time I see one of these... Read The Rest

  • Pregnant Nudes Wearing Only A Smile And Nothing Else

    In: Pregnant

    There is one thing that a lot of guys agree upon. It's the fact that their girlfriends have never looked better than when they were pregnant nude and ready to pop! There is something so sexy about a pregnant naked body. Something that just screams to a guy's cock and orders it to rise. Pregnant undressed women are sexy, no doubt about it. Their bodies are the ultimate symbol of femininity. Big swollen tits dripping with milk. Big bulging bellies and pussies that are swollen but oh so juicy.... Read The Rest

  • Is Pregnant Sex The Hottest Type Of Fucking?

    In: Pregnant

    People who enjoy pregnant sex often agree that it is one of the hottest type of porn that you can ever watch. It is always filled with beautiful knocked up babes who love to get their engorged pussies filled with cock and their big milky juggs sucked and fucked. When I'm in the mood for pregnant screwing, I will often head on over to Pregnant Wishes. There are a numbers of reasons why I prefer this site, but two really come to mind. One, I love how these knocked up babes look. They always... Read The Rest

  • Let Me Count The Reasons I Love Pregnant Porn

    In: Pregnant

    I am always asked why I love pregnant porn so much. While there are aspects of pregnant porno that I just can't explain, there are some parts that are easy for me to explain. I'll give you a couple of examples to show you what makes this genre so fucking awesome. One of the first things that I love about pregnant sex films is the intensity of the action. Knocked up chicks really are horny. And I don't mean a little bit horny. These ladies really need cock inside them and they seem like they... Read The Rest

  • Pregnant Wishes Has Wild Pregnant Porn Action

    In: Pregnant

    Pregnant Wishes has the type of pregnant porn that I have always enjoyed. It is filled with beautiful knocked up chicks who love to get wild in really hot pregnant sex videos and pictures. If you haven't had the opportunity to check it out, then you are really missing out on some crazy pregnant porno action. Pregnant pornography hasn't been around as long as other genres of porn, but in my opinion it is one of the wildest niches out there. These ladies not only show off their swollen nude... Read The Rest

  • The Great Things About Pregnant Sex

    In: Pregnant

    Any married guy will tell you that pregnant sex is one of the best experiences you will ever have. Not only is a woman extremely horny during this time, but her pussy is at its fucking height. In fact, the pussy is so juicy and ripe it is almost unbelievable. Pregnant fucking is so hot and so intense, that some guys go out of their way to find a knocked up chick to fuck. I'm not kidding. Their are guys who go out and bang nothing but pregnant chicks. My friend was one of these guys and he... Read The Rest

  • What's Hot About Fucking A Pregnant Teen?

    In: Pregnant

    Usually, the only time a pregnant teen captures someone's attention it is usually in connection to some tragic story. That is not the case today, however. Today, we are going to be talking about pregnant girls as something that is to be worshiped and enjoyed. Pregnant babes have a lot to offer, especially in the world of porn. They have nice big juggs that are often dripping with milk and pussies that are wetter than the pussy of the average girl. Not only that, but their pregnancy also... Read The Rest

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