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Speculum Plays (express review)

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Speculum Plays, a site for folks who "admire kinky girls and want to see close-ups of their wide-stretched pussies," calls itself "the web's best site for kinky babes experimenting with speculum plays!" The models employed by this site "simply love to play with their sweet pussies and to stretch them afterwards." You don't just see the pretty pink exteriors of these vaginas on Speculum Plays, you also see the cervix as well as things being jammed inside 'em (fists, toys, etc.) and things exiting 'em (re: piss). Yup, you get to see it all on Speculum Plays...


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Bottom Line

Sensitive souls may want to steer clear of Speculum Plays. Speculum Plays sticks it where the sun don't shine. And by "it" I mean "a camera." Speculum Plays lets its members see things they probably don't need to see, but I guess that's the point of this site. Amen, brother.


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  • by Nemo  -  Rating: 2/5

    I was really excited about joining this site when I first found it, but I am a little unhappy now as it does not have as much content in the members' area as I would have like it to have. I know this type of content must be hard to come by and if it is a newer site it might just be getting started, but I would still like to see more updates for the members before I give too good of a review for this site.

  • by Kahin  -  Rating: 3/5

    I am a member and I see that they must have filled the members area since this site was last reviewed. I have found a happy amount of content for the members of this site and it is quite good for the type of site it is.

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