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    Pornstar Classics   FULL REVIEW

    In: Pornstars | User Ratings: 3.8/5    5

    Pornstar Classics, which has allegedly been voted "Best Site for Classic 1970s-1980s Adult Movie Downloads" by someone-or-other, contains the legendary work of classic '80s porn legends Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, Seka, Christy Canyon, John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Peter North and Amber Lynn, not to mention many other porn stars all starring in exclusive downloadable and streaming movies. All the flicks on Pornstar Classics have been digitally remastered (why?) and are yours to keep once you've downloaded 'em to your hard drive. Let's take a trip down mammary...

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    Vintage Cuties   FULL REVIEW

    In: Vintage | User Ratings: 4.3/5    4

    tot. score83

    Vintage Cuties offers its members the largest collection of vintage pornography and erotica on the Net featuring the finest and rarest images, movies and stories from 1850-1980. You'll enjoy thousands of vintage photos, a fair amount of mpeg movies, with new updates added every day. Members to Vintage Cuties will also receive full access to their sister sites, Hairy Pussy Cuties and Homemade Junk as an added bonus. Porn was alive and kicking back in the 1800's and Vintage Cuties is the place to... Read the Review

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    The Classic Porn   SHORT REVIEW

    In: Vintage | User Ratings: none yet - be the first

    tot. score82

    Those of you who feel a little bit of nostalgia for the golden years of porn might want to pay attention to a new site called The Classic Porn. This site has gathered together one of the finest collection of porn videos and pictures from the 1960s all the way to the 1990s. What this means is that members will get access to some of the biggest hairstyles, silly story lines and big bushes that have been missing from porn for many years now. All of the pornstar legends are on this site.... Read the Review

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    Rodox   FULL REVIEW

    In: Vintage | User Ratings: 3.6/5    5

    tot. score81

    Rodox is made to look like an ancient stroke magazine and is home to "the best of forty years of Danish hardcore," meaning classic porn, vintage nudes, retro sex, '70s porn, etc. Every month the webmasters post items from a great big bundle of popular Danish hardcore magazines like Color Climax, Blue Climax, Anal Sex, New Cunts (my personal favorite), Lesbian Love, Rodox (natch!), Schoolgirls, Sex Bizarre and Teenage Sex. The webmasters "choose only the most horny and old... Read the Review

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    In: Vintage | User Ratings: 3.8/5    5

    tot. score80

    Retro Raw harkens back to a simpler time, a time before AIDS, iPods and TiVo, a time when John Holmes, Seka and Ginger Lynn ruled the world. Retro Raw offers high quality downloads of classic XXX-rated flicks from the seventies and eighties, a golden era for an industry that has since become jaded, cynical and bloated. Believe it or not, there was a time during the infancy of the porn business when blue movies had plots and production values; that time has long since passed us, sadly, but you... Read the Review

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    Retro Lady   EXPRESS REVIEW

    In: Vintage | User Ratings: 3.0/5    1

    tot. score75

    Retro Lady site features thousands of retro pictures which include all from softcore posing down to the raunchiest hardcore and oral sex. They also have vintage videos available on VHS and DVDs with special prices for members. They surely do break the common idea of how people of bygone era lived. While many may think that back in the old days sex was a rigid taboo and people made love only in order to make children, Retro Lady will prove them all... Read the Review

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    Vintage Pics   EXPRESS REVIEW

    In: Vintage | User Ratings: 3.0/5    1

    tot. score75

    Vintage Pics, which has - get this - vintage pics from various bygone eras, from the 1800s up to the 1960s, is a fascinating and erotic journey through time. The site also contains vintage moving pictures from the '20s to the '70s, many of which also come with interesting voiceover information about the era and significance of such films. In short, a visit to Vintage Pics is like digging up a time capsule filled with dirty magazines and stag... Read the Review

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    Retro Porn Archive   FULL REVIEW

    In: Vintage | User Ratings: 5.0/5    1

    tot. score68

    First of all I need to get this out of the way: when they say 'retro' they really do mean it! I have seen other retro sites showing porn from the 60s and 70s but Retro Porn Archive takes it one step further, or should I say backwards, with pictures and videos from the earliest possible nude and hardcore scenes. So of course almost all of this stuff is in black and white and the quality is what you would expect from content this... Read the Review

    Latest Reviews

  1. Vintage Cuties

    Total Score: 83
  2. The Classic Porn

    Total Score: 82
  3. Retro Porn Archive

    Total Score: 68
  4. Pornstar Classics

    Total Score: 84
  5. Rodox

    Total Score: 81
  6. Retro Raw DISCOUNT!

    Total Score: 80
  7. Vintage Pics

    Total Score: 75
  8. Retro Lady

    Total Score: 75
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  • Vintage Erotica Combines Art Deco With Nude Women

    In: Vintage / Retro

    I really love vintage erotica from the past. Especially during the 1930s. This was a time when house were done in a classic art deco style, and the women were transforming from the flappers of the twenties into more buxom babes. These chicks started developing bigger breasts and bigger hips and had pussies that would put any woman of today to shame. The classic porn of this era is what originally brought me to Vintage Cuties. It seemed like I had searched high and low for...

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  • Retro Porn Is Too Important To Let Go

    In: Vintage / Retro

    Checking out retro porn on sites like Vintage Cuties really bring back some good memories for me. I remember watching classic porn site on 8mm film and how excited I was to see that sort of porn. I loved to watch all the natural looking women getting fucked in hardcore videos that seem to transcend time. This site started me thinking about how much pornography has changed over the years. Vintage porno from the 1960s and 1970s had women with natural tits and hairy...

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  • Vintage Nudes-Where Real Women Had Real Bushes

    In: Vintage / Retro

    Vintage nudes, like this one, prove one thing. They prove that pussies had a lot more hair on them then they do today. Nowadays, most women are so clean shaven that you could probably ski down them. Antique naked porn of the past, however, shows that real women had real bushes. And, might I add, real natural tits. When you look at vintage nudes you immediately notice how much more enticing their breasts are. There were fewer boob jobs done in those days, so you get to see many more knockers... Read The Rest

  • Vintage Erotica Performs Hot Burlesque Routine

    In: Vintage / Retro

    Vintage erotica makes me wish that I was born in an earlier age. There is something about the ladies in retro porn that really grabs your attention and holds it for as long as you want it to. These ladies have class and style that can't be matched by the porn stars of today. Watching classic smut is as entertaining as it is hot. The ladies that perform in these antique obscene art are so fucking incredible it just boggles the imagination. Take this lovely lady from the sixties, for... Read The Rest

  • Retro Porn Is Much Harder Than You Think

    In: Vintage / Retro

    When most people hear the term retro porn, they think of beautiful centerfold models of the past engaging in vintage softcore galleries and pictures. They don't realize that while there is plenty of classic smut out there like that, there is also some retro XXX action that is often time just as hot, if not hotter, then the porn of today. A great example of what I am talking about is this scene I've taken from a site called Vintage Cuties. This scene proves that not all old-fashioned... Read The Rest

  • Vintage Porn Started The Original Sexual Revolution

    In: Vintage / Retro

    Remember the vintage porn of the 1970s and 1980s? Well if you don't, then you may have missed out on some of the hottest action that ever existed. Retro porn has all the elements that makes it not only some of the best sexual entertainment out there but also a lot of fucking fun. I know many of you will be wondering what makes classic porn so damn hot, so I'll give you a primer on this type of porn. Retro pornography was made during a time when directors were really concerned about not only... Read The Rest

  • Vintage Nudes Breathe Life Into The Past

    In: Vintage / Retro

    I have only recently discovered vintage nudes, but I am so fucking happy I have. Seeing classic naked ladies from the past showing off their sweet bodies and doing their thing is something that really makes my cock hard. I am sure that you will agree. Vintage Cuties is a site that you will want to visit if you are looking for antique nudes from the past. This site has a porn collection that goes all the way back to the mid-nineteenth century. This is the kind of porn that is really hard to... Read The Rest

  • You Don't Have To Choose With Vintage Porn

    In: Vintage / Retro

    I have always reminisced about the porn goddesses of the past. There has always been a place in my heart for the porn stars of the past and the retro porn they have appeared. I just liked the way these ladies looked on camera. Their big beavers getting pounded by big cocks is something truly special to behold. Vintage porn will always get me excited. However, I recently became really interested in retro pornography when I realized Vintage Cuties not only had the porn stars of the 60s, 70s... Read The Rest

  • Vintage Sex Will Help You Loosen A Nut

    In: Vintage / Retro

    Here is some vintage sex that will get a rise out of you. It features this horny babe who loves to get her pussy stuffed with a great big cock. This retro fucking video was filmed sometime during the 1970s and it goes to show you that just because classic screwing might have been filmed before you were born, it is still as hot and relevant as ever. Personally, I really enjoy watching vintage banging like you see in this scene. It's a lot of fun watching these girls with their big hair styles... Read The Rest

  • Vintage Fucking Has A Lot In Common With Modern Sex

    In: Vintage / Retro

    This vintage sex scene proves that the threesome is not something that was just invented over the last ten years. I know that sounds like a ridiculous statement to make, but after talking to a lot of porn fans I have found some of them who believe that two girls fucking one guy is a recent innovation. Funny, right? No, folks. Vintage fucking featuring two babes on one cock is something that has been going on since the dawn of time. At least, it's been going on for guys lucky enough to have... Read The Rest

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