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Discount Review (Updated by Jan)

Teens For Cash is a website that is run by dirty old men. They take turns finding teens that they can pay to fuck them on camera. Some of the teens are ready to go even without getting paid but there are others that require a really good lie and a lot of convincing before they spread their legs and open their mouths. This site has totally been revamped recently and the changes that you're about to read about are really exciting.

Teens For Cash has definitely changed and those changes are excellent. There were a few problems I had in the past with sites that were produced by this company and the biggest problem was that all of the videos were streaming and you couldn't download any of them. Well times and porn seem to be changing because no longer can you only stream the videos. That's right boys and girls you can now download these videos and enjoy them anytime you please.

But, let's back up and talk about the entire site first. The member's area is still a little difficult for me to tolerate. I prefer nice clean member's areas with only the content for the site that I joined to be in the main part of the page. Teens For Cash is setup more like a network hub and all of the updates across the network are listed on the main part of the page. If you wish to see only the teen content you have to look below the most recent update and the "top ranked teens for cash videos" section where you will see a button that says "view all". This is what you have to click to find the entire list of model's for Teens For Cash.

When you finally are able to get to the index page of the model's list you will see that there are 18 full pages of models. Currently there are 208 models listed. Not all of the models have downloadable videos but starting in March of 2007 all new scenes that were posted do have the download option. You can still stream all videos still if you wish and the newer videos are available in flash and WMV formats in both short clips and full-length. The older videos are only available in 3 speeds with no choice of player type to utilize.

The photo quality has also changed significantly. On the older scenes the galleries were comprised of video screen captures taken directly from the movies and they were often blurry. The new scenes appear to have photos that are taken separately with a digital camera and are top quality and crystal clear. There are thousands of photos available on Teens For Cash with each model having hundreds of photos each.

There are several bonus sites that are included with your membership and you can find the most popular sites listed down the left hand side of the page. If you want to see all of the bonus content you can click the "reality sites" button or the "bonus content" button in the navigational bar at the top of the page.

You still have access to all of the additional sites that are run by the Teens For Cash network. But, there are more sites now and they are also incorporating the downloadable videos on those. So, if you've ever had a membership to this network it is well worth a try again just to be able to download and enjoy the improved content. There are so many reasons to join Teens For Cash and the only thing that is a slight negative is the price per month. But, when you consider the amount of content it's really not a bad deal. Be sure to take advantage of the full month so that you do have enough time to enjoy all of the content and so that you aren't limited on what you have access to.

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User comments/reviews and ratings of Teens For Cash:

  • by Toby  -  Rating: 4/5

    Definitely need to update this review. They are now offering downloadable videos which is a huge plus. The Topbucks sites have always been good but with the drawback of streaming video only. Now that they have moved into the present and started offering downloads they have some of the better sites on the internet. Take the price with a grain of salt because you get 30 total sites to access for the 34.95 price tag.

  • by Will  -  Rating: 4/5

    There is a definite theme to this site and that would be petite young girls with pony tails and that is what sold it for me. This is my first teeenie site to join so I can not compare to any other site, but I like it a lot so far.

    I joined on the 2 day trial and I noticed that they have a 7 day trial option. Can someone tell me what the difference between the two are? I am wondering if I should have taken that instead.

  • by mark  -  Rating: 4/5

    this is some really awesome stuff. I was able to join using the phone because I had problems with my card and I have never seen a site you could join using the phone. It was really easy and was faster than joining some sites through the join form. It only took a few minutes to get my stuff to login and I was happy with what I got. Good luck.

  • by Boy Bandit  -  Rating: 4/5

    Will: I joined with the 7 day trial and then got the full membership and I think the difference between the two is that they limit access to some of the content at various amounts. From what I can tell they don't limit much so taking the trial is well worth it and I am happy that I got a full membership because they add a lot of new updates all of the time.

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