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About us

One of the most frequently asked questions asked of us here at Planet Climax is how and why we started reviewing porn sites. It is also one of the easiest questions for us to answer. This adult review site was started by a small group of friends in 2001 who liked to spend their free time, as many of you guys and gals do, surfing the net looking for not only the hottest porn stars but also some of the hottest sex videos we could find. It was sort of like a club. Whenever one of us found a great porn site we would just a link to some of its sample galleries so everyone in our circle could see if the site had something that interested them. That way we could spend more time looking at porn and less time searching for it.

Unfortunately, at that time our little hobby was not only frustrating but often times fraught with peril. At the time, the Internet was like the wild west. It seemed like anything and everything was permissible. That meant we could see a whole lot of great adult sites that presented new and unusual sexual acts, but it also meant that there were a few bad egg sites that seemed to make a whole lot of promises and delivered on very few of them. As more and more porn sites came online it became harder and harder to differentiate between the "good" sites and the "bad" sites.

There seemed to be just too many sites that didn't meet our personally high standards or were not completely upfront about the content they had in their members area. And it was also becoming harder to find if a site was good by merely taking a look at its gallery pages or free sites. We were just spending too much cash on sites that didn't have enough content, had below par content or simple didn't have the type of action we expected to see. The frustration level eventually became so high that we even thought about quitting our life long passion for porn. Those were some dark days indeed.

Obviously that didn't happen. That's because we were struck with a wondrous idea. There had to be a better way to judge whether or not a porn site was up to our standards. That is when we decided that we would investigate porn sites more thoroughly to see if they not only offered the type of porn that we wanted but also if they lived up to their promises. When we found a site we thought members of the group would like we would assign it a grade. A grade that would let everyone in the group know which sites were exceptional and which sites should be avoided. It is this simple idea of sharing excellent porn with other people that would take root and eventually become Planet Climax in 2005.

Today, our experienced team of researchers spend their days examining each porn site and holding them to the highest standards possible. We know that your time and money is valuable and that is why we endlessly toil to make sure that you know exactly what is inside each site. To accept anything less would not only be a disappointment to our readers but also to ourselves.