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Privacy policy

Planet Climax takes your personal privacy seriously and we do everything in our power to protect it. We also believe that you should know exactly what information is collected and how it is used. Below are the terms of our privacy policy. By visiting and/or viewing this site you giving your express consent to this privacy policy.

Planet Climax is a free service that does not require visitors to submit or register their personal information in order to use our website. All email addresses, names and contact information that we receive through our website (either through the contact us button, comments sections or by any other form that may be present on Planet Climax) is kept completely confidential and is not shared with third-parties. Planet Climax does not send unsolicitated emails, otherwise known as spam, to users who submit their details in this manner.

This site uses "cookies", an industry standard that gives us information about how our site is accessed and used. The information gathered from cookies gives us statistically data which allows us to determine how many visitors we receive each day, the time spent on our site and the number of pages viewed by the average visitor. It also allows us to determine what sites visitors have come from before they land on our site and the site they exit to after visiting Planet Climax. Information gathered may also be used to measure which advertisements are shown to visitors and how these advertisements are responded to by the visitor. The information gathered is for internal statistical use only and is not shared with third-parties.

Planet Climax reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any point in the future if new technology or services are added to the website. In this case, the privacy policy that is currently on the site at the time of access is the one that is currently in force and past privacy policies are immediately voided and are no longer in force.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, then you may contact us at anytime. Thank you.


Webmasters who submit their personal information (which may include name, alias, email address, site passes and passwords) in order to have their site(s) reviewed can rest assured that this personal information will be safe-guarded and won't be shared with third-parties.

Your IP address may be accessed and stored by us for monitoring purposes. The primary purpose of this is for security and to prevent the abuse of our website, system or servers.

By submitting your site(s) for review, you agree that we may need to send occassional emails to update you of the status of your review or if we need additional information from you.

All personal information submitted to Planet Climax is kept completely private and is not shared with third parties. This information is only used by our staff for the purpose of reviewing your site(s).

Planet Climax reserves the right to refuse any review that we feel doesn't conform to our rules or for any other purpose whatsoever at our discretion. No guarantees are ever offered, either expressly or implied.

Planet Climax may choose to terminate its services and its site at any time without prior notification or notice. Planet Climax also reserves the right to make changes or alter these terms and conditions in anyway we see fit. If changes are made to the terms and conditions of this site, then the one that is currently listed on Planet Climax is the one in force and past terms and conditions pages are voided.