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  • Make Dawan Hot Asian Girl With Small Tits Strips Naked

    Date: Sep 27, 2021 | Category: Asians

    Make Dawan is a sexy and gorgeous Asian girl that we couldn't wait to work with. She has a sultry sex appeal that comes through her eyes and mannerisms and we knew that intense sexuality would easily be conveyed through the cameras. See her here as she lays back and lifts up her bright striped top. She leans back and plays with her tits as she looks right into the camera at you. Her skin is smooth and flawless and her lips have just a hint of pink lipstick that will have you wondering how good it would look smeared up and down your stiff cock.

    Asian Girl

    Make is 100% Asian so her skin is smooth as silk. She grows her pubic hair out but it is so sparse and minimal that it stays neatly at the top of her pubic bone and barely makes a trail down the sides of her lips. Her pussy is sweet and small and we shoot in such high quality that you can see every wrinkle and fold in her soft pussy lips.

  • Lorita Ivy Is The Asian Girl Of My Dreams

    Date: Aug 15, 2021 | Category: Asians

    I have to say that I think that I've found the Asian girl of my dreams. I found her on a porn site called 88 Square and ever since I first saw her she has lived in my deepest sexual fantasies. This Asian chick is so fucking sexy I can't even look at her without getting a gigantic woody.

    Asian Girl

    Please excuse me for my rudeness. I forgot to tell you the name of this sensual Asian babe, so let me rectify that now. Her name is Lorita Ivy and she hails from the Thailand. Something that I really like because I have always felt like Asian teens from Thailand were always the hottest babes around, and she has proven my theory.

    Of course, Lorita Ivy isn't the only amazing Asian woman I've found on 88 Square. After admiring her for awhile, I moved on to some of the videos of the other Asian girls on this site and was astounded at many good looking Asian ladies were on this site. It seemed like they are hundreds of them and every time I moved from one girl to the next I found a even more beautiful chick to satisfy my sexual desires. This has given me a lot of other ladies to fantasize about, but personally I think that Lorita will always remain my favorite because she was my first.