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  • Bare Breasts Can Be Used For Good Or Evil

    Date: Jun 24, 2023 | Category: Tits (Big & Small)

    A woman flashing her bare breasts can be a powerful motivator for her man. A woman's uncovered tits can get a man to do anything she wants him to do. Want him to take out the trash or do the dishes? Flash him your boobs. Want him to go to some boring ass play or meet your ugly ass friends? Show him your bare tits. See, it works every single time.

    Of course, this knowledge is something that women already know. Just about every lady on the planet is aware of the effect their unclothed juggs on men, and they will use them to their advantage to manipulate us and make us do their bidding.

    Bare Breasts

    However, the chicks that are really astute about manipulating men with their naked tits are porn stars. Especially the porn stars on sites such as DDF Busty. They know that they can give us an erection or even make us blow our loads with a simple display of their divested mammary glands.

    That, however, is something that us guys should be okay with. After all, we aren't visiting DDF Busty so we can hold a conversation. No, we want a chick who can manipulate us with their bare breasts. So I guess that I am glad that women have this power. It can be used for good or evil. It all depends on the woman.

  • Bare Breasts Have Powerful Magic

    Date: Mar 05, 2022 | Category: Tits (Big & Small)

    Do you have a friend that just won't shut the fuck up? No matter what you say to him he just goes on yapping about his girlfriend, his favorite football team or his pet cat? Well, if you do then I have a sure fire way for you to get him to stop talking. Show him the bare breasts of Paige Delight. Once you do he'll shut up. He might not close his mouth but I bet he'll stop talking.

    Paige Delight has divested boobs that will cause any guy's brain to immediately shut down. Once a guy looks at her disrobed tits, then he won't be able to walk, talk or even turn away. That is because all of his blood flow will be immediately detoured from his brain to his cock.

    Bare Breasts

    I remember the first time that I saw this babe and her bare breasts. It was on a site called DDF Busty. This is a site that has a lot of bare titties, but hers really caught my attention. They caught me off guard that is how powerful they are. In fact, after seeing them I don't think that I could do anything for two days other than jerk off.

    Check out DDF Busty and see what I mean. Nude knockers can have a powerful effect on a guy and this site really proves that fact.