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  • Barefoot Action With Jessica Ryan On Foot Fetish Daily

    Date: Feb 22, 2022 | Category: Foot Fetish

    I think that a lot of people have misconceptions about Foot Fetish Daily. They believe that it is a site that is only worth anything to fetish fans. They believe that it is only good for delivering feet worship, footjobs, and toe sucking action to fans of the genre. While this is definitely the main focus of this site, it isn't the only thing it delivers to its members. It really does offer a whole lot more.


    For instance, take a look at this scene featuring the beautiful redhead Jessica Ryan. If you take just a cursory look at this picture, you will see that her feet are getting worshiped and her toes are getting licked. What would probably be considered general barefoot fetish action. However, if you look closer you will also notice that she is getting her pussy fucked pretty hard as well.

    That is what this site does so well. It offers barefoot porn as the main dish, but it also delivers quite a few side dished that are just as important. Threesomes, hardcore fucking, blow jobs, and even girl on girl action. All of these separate genres are used to compliment the main dish. Therefore, I believe that this site has the ability to reach out to other fans of other genres and bring them into the fold. Which is a good thing. No meal is complete with just a main course. Sometimes you need a few side dishes for variety.

  • Foot Fetish Daily Is More Than Just Bare Feet

    Date: Feb 15, 2021 | Category: Foot Fetish

    When I visited Foot Fetish Daily today I saw this hot scene that featured these two lovely hotties using their bare feet to entice this guy into have sex with them. And they pulled out every trick in the book. They both rubbed the soles of their feet on the shaft of his cock and they even took turns sucking on each others toes. I don't know what guy could resist that form of seduction. I certainly couldn't.


    If you want to see the entire uncensored scene, then go a head and visit this site. I think you will be pretty happy with what you'll find in their collection. They not only have hot videos of foot worship or women using their sexy bare feet to give a guy a foot job. No, they also have plenty of hardcore sex thrown in as well. That is why I think just about anyone can enjoy this site. Whether you are a foot and leg man or not. It's kind of universal.

    What I mean when I say Foot Fetish Daily is universal is that it has just about everything a guy could want from a porn site. No matter what they are into. Like hot foot fetish action. They have it. Love threesomes, blow jobs and anal sex. They have that two. They are able to merge several genres into one site so that it appeals not just to foot fans but every other guy as well.