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  • Look What My Big Breast Radar Detected

    Date: Apr 09, 2022 | Category: Tits (Big & Small)

    Being a self confessed big breast fanatic I tend to notice some of the best large boobs that can be found on the internet. It is kind of like a gift. If a sexy woman in porn has a set of huge cans, then I am eventually going to sniff them out and find them. Let's just call it my boob radar.

    This gift of mine has allowed me to locate some of the best big breast on the World Wide Web, but my biggest achievement came when I found this pair of giant juggs on porn star Jessi Rhodes. In fact, you might even say that finding this pair was my crowning achievement.

    Big Breast

    For those of you not familiar with Jessi Rhodes, or her big knockers, then let me introduce her to you. This babe stands 5'6'' tall and her measurements are a sexy 38E-26-39. Her tits are a perfect E cup and she hails from the United States. What really impresses me about her, however, is that she is merely 21 years old. A sexy babe with a bright future in porn and that's for sure.

    If you want to see more of this chick and her big sweater puppies, then just take your ass on over to Scoreland. It is on this site you'll find her exciting guys on a regular basis with just a few bounces of her boobs. Is my jugg radar fantastic or what?

  • Mysterious Rockell And Her Big Breasts

    Date: Jul 12, 2021 | Category: Tits (Big & Small)

    I don't think that I am really all that familiar with Rockell, but there is one thing I can say about this babe. She has some really nice big breasts. The kind of large tits that you just want to curl up with and suck all day long. The kind of huge boobs that you want to fuck and see covered in cum.

    Big Breast

    Of course, I am not surprised that this chick has some really nice big breasts because I found her on Scoreland. There hasn't been a chick off of this site that didn't have giant boobs that I just wanted to reach out and squeeze. They always have the most beautiful babes and the most beautiful tits I have ever seen.

    What I am surprised about, however, is that I haven't heard all that much about Rockell. I mean if you have big breasts like that then you have to be well known, right? There isn't a chick in porn with a rack like hers that didn't become a big star. Maybe I got lucky and caught this chick while she is on the upswing of her career. I hope so because I definitely want to see more of her juggs.