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  • Cock So Big It Barely Fits In Her Pussy

    Date: Dec 07, 2023 | Category: Big Cocks

    There is big dick and thick cock and then there is what we call monster cock, cock so big it doesn't look like it will fit in the tight pussies that they are about to fuck. In this scene you get to see a big black monster cock of impossible girth get shoved in a tight twat that will never be the same after this epic fuck.

    Big Dicks

    The model happens to be new to porn and man is she getting broken in but good. Her puss is shaved naked so you get a really good view of it being stretched to all new limits. Of course when the action is this extreme, we bring you in for tight close ups that allow you to literally see her chick lube as it starts to work overtime lathering up his cock in an effort to make it fit. Monsters Of Cock always brings you the biggest in the business as they fuck their way into tight twats for the best in hardcore XXX action.

  • Pale Blonde Slut Sucks A Big Dick

    Date: May 05, 2021 | Category: Big Cocks

    This slut gets more than she bargained for when her stunt cock reveals his big dick to her so that she can suck it. Matter of fact his cock is bigger than big. It's a huge monster cock and this little slut has never had anything so big in her pussy or mouth before ever! But there is a first time for everything and since she loves black cock so much she better get used to having big ones shoved down her throat.

    Big Dicks

    The cock that she's fucking is so big what when she puts it into her mouth to suck it it looks like she's wrapping her lips around a big hoagie. She deepthroats as much of it as she can down but it's so big it gags her every time she tries to go deeper. Her real slut shines through as she works his monster cock into her wet twat. Having it in her mouth got her all horny so she is lubed up and ready for her twat to take on his big dick.

  • Twenty Year Old Brunette Takes On A Big Black Dick

    Date: Jan 30, 2021 | Category: Big Cocks

    This is a must see scene in which a hot twenty year old brunette takes on a big black dick. This is the biggest cock she has ever fucked and judging from how much she is enjoying it, we are pretty sure she is going to be a big black dick lover for life.

    Big Dicks

    College is a time for chicks to experiment. Everyone knows that this is the time where they go lesbian but a lesser known fact is that most college chicks seek out black cock to fuck. They've all heard that once you go black you never go back and they like to put the theory to the test. That's exactly what this brunette whore decided to do today. She's always wanted to fuck a black monster cock and today she gets the chance. Our cameras bring you in for pussy stretching close ups as her twat gets pushed open so wide that it's left gaping open. This little slut likes it so much that she does a reach around and fucks her own asshole with her middle finger for some light double penetration action!