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  • Breast Torture As Submissive Is Suspended In Air

    Date: Nov 16, 2023 | Category: BDSM

    For some sluts their pleasure comes from their pain and Hogtied is dedicated to bringing these special submissives to you as we present them in extreme bondage situations. In this scene, feast your eyes on this brown haired model as she is tied to a metal pole and suspended in air. The rope play that went into suspending her is a work of art in itself and her pussy got wetter and wetter every time a rope was pulled tighter.

    Breast Torture

    But the key feature in this scene is the breast torture that this submissive enjoys. She loves to mix her pleasure with pain and in this extreme bondage scenario, you can see her breasts turning shades of blue and purple as they are bound tightly on their own. This submissive has no escape route and she endures and enjoys the pain that her breast torture is giving her. If you enjoy bondage scenes that include hardcore breast torture, this is a must see scene.

  • Breast Torture Is A Hard To Find Commodity

    Date: Apr 30, 2022 | Category: BDSM

    In my opinion, it has been a long time since a porn site has released a good breast torture porn scene. That is, until today. Today, I found a site that finally delivered on its promise of delivering hot tit torture action designed to rivet you to your computer monitor. And this site is called Hogtied.

    Before I visited Hogtied I thought that all this site had was action that included things such as gagging and bondage. Little did I know, was while this site had those things, it also had a whole lot more. It had action that I just can't find anywhere else.

    Breast Torture

    This site had all kinds of titty discipline. They had boob binding, nipple clamping, tit bondage and everything that comes along with it. They use tools of the trade which include clothespins, rope, chains, nipple clamps and even hot wax.

    That makes this porn site one of the premier sites for breast torture. In fact, it might be the only site of any quality that offers this type of hot, steamy content. Of course, that is my opinion, so I will leave it to you jugg bondage fans to determine if my assessment is correct.