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  • Celebrity Nudes Such As Jessica On Celeb Porn Archive

    Date: Dec 06, 2021 | Category: Celebrities

    Today I was getting my freak on checking out all of the hot celebrity nudes on the Celeb Porn Archive when I ran across one that really got my cock's attention. I have seen quite a few celebrity nudes in my lifetime, but this one really got my motor humming along. And this hot naked actress is named Jessica Biel.

    Celebrity Nudes

    Now if you mention the name Jessica Biel to most guys while you are talking about movies, then you'd immediately get tuned out. Most guys when they hear that name think of chick flicks and lame movies such as Next, The Illusionist and London. And then they immediately ignore you. However, if you mention her name in the same sentence as nude celebrities, then you can rest assured that they are all ears and ready to listen to every word that falls from your mouth.

    I mean who wouldn't want to see this beautiful babe naked? Hell, she might not be much of an actress but she is pretty fucking beautiful. And she also has a pretty fucking smoking hot body. Trust me, I've seen it for myself. It's fucking amazing. When you get a chance go check it out and immediately improve the quality of your entire day. It might not change your tastes in movies, but it will change your tastes in women.

  • Would You Fuck Celebrity Nudes Like Nicole Kidman?

    Date: Dec 05, 2021 | Category: Celebrities

    I don't know about you, but I would so fuck Nicole Kidman. Both of them. The young Nicole Kidman who was pleasantly plump and the new one who has obviously had a lot of plastic surgery. I don't care. I would shag that Hollywood star for everything I can get out of her and you can bet your ass on that one.

    Celebrity Nudes

    However, I am pretty much a whore for celebrity nudes. I don't think there is even one of them I wouldn't like to stick my dick into. I would fuck everyone from Kristen Davis to Carmen Electra and Meg White. Fuck, I would even fuck Tia Tequila if I had half a chance.

    Of course, there aren't a whole lot of naked starlets waiting to fuck me. I don't think I could even get one of them to fuck me if I had a red carpet that lead directly to my cock. That's alright though. I have access to a porn site called the Celeb Porn Archive. This site allows me to see the hottest fucking nude stars showing off their famous bodies and even fucking. And I get to see all of it right on my computer. I might not be able to fuck them in real life but I can certainly have fun watching them get fucked.