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  • I've Never Known Cocksuckers So Good

    Date: Jan 23, 2024 | Category: Blowjobs

    I've known a few cocksuckers in my lifetime. You know, girls who are not only good at giving head, but are also very skilled at it. Ladies who can unzip your pants, suck your dick and make you cum in only a few minutes. The kind of babes every guy wants to know.


    With that being said, however, I have to admit that I have never met cocksuckers who were as dedicated as the chicks on 1000 Facials. They are not only skilled and very willing to give head, but they also have a dedication to it that I haven't seen matched by the women I know in real life. At least not yet.

    Take this slick Asian babe, for instance. This dicksucker really knows what she is doing and she works everyday to improve her skills. She slides this huge cock down her gullet with very little effort as she not only works this guy's shaft but also takes a moment to nibble on the head. And when the guy is ready to nut, she doesn't turn her head like many other girls. Nor does she take the load in her mouth only to spit it out later. No, she lets him jizz all over her face. She is truly a blowjob champion.

  • Calling All Cocksuckers

    Date: Aug 02, 2021 | Category: Blowjobs

    I want to let all of the women out there that I am now accepting applications for cocksuckers. That's right. I am looking for some beautiful women who will get down on their knees and suck every ounce of cum out of my cock. Some ladies with some great oral skills.


    Don't worry, the interview process isn't that complicated. There isn't even a written test. All you have to do is show up and do your thing. I won't even ask you any follow up questions after you have finished. See, that sounds like it's pretty easy way to get a job doesn't it?

    Okay, evidently I have no power to attract cocksuckers. None whatsoever. As of yet, I haven't had any applicants even throw their name in the discussion. That's okay, I haven't given up hope yet. I think I will wait a little bit longer until some of you women out there come to senses and put in your application. In the meantime, I will head on over to 1000 Facials and watch their beautiful dick sucking babes in person. That way, when the first girls do show up I have a standard I can hold them to.