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  • Cream Pies Lead The Porn Revolution

    Date: Feb 26, 2024 | Category: Cumshots

    If there is one thing that I can say about porn on the internet, it's that is has definitely gotten more explicit over the past decade. At least it has in my perception. It used to be that you would only see small grainy videos and pictures of girls fucking on the Net. Now, you get to see things like beautiful internal cumshots and cream pies. Made possible by sites such as All Internal.

    Cream Pies

    I'm not complaining, mind you. I like the shift in porn and I like all of the high resolution videos of cream pies that can now be found. It has really upped my sexual entertainment to a whole new level. Of course, more conservative people and groups probably aren't happy about that, but I say fuck 'em.

    All Internal has not only seemed to revolutionize the porn industry, but they have also made it possible for people to get more extreme content. Which is great for those of us who have felt that porn may have become a bit stagnant. That is hasn't moved forward like all forms of art should be capable of doing. Whether this is wrong or right is up to you, but I for one will continue to enjoy the dripping, messy creampies on sites such as this one. Where do you stand on this issue?

  • I Love How All Internal Films Cream Pies

    Date: Aug 12, 2023 | Category: Cumshots

    I don't know what makes cream pies so fucking hot for me, but I do love them very much. I guess that it is exciting to see a beautiful women getting fucked and getting her wet snatch filled up with so much man batter that is literally leaks from her cooch. But I do know one thing for sure, I have really loved this type of action for a really long time now.

    Cream Pies

    Especially the way that All Internal films it. They seem to have a special knack for delivering hot porn that is filled to the brim with cream pies. They really do seem to take a lot of pride in their work. Almost as if they were fans of the genre themselves.

    They always start off with some of the sexiest women I have ever seen. Now I don't know if these chicks are European or what, but I do know that they are the perfect representatives of the female gender. High cheekbones, firm breasts and bodies that any guy would be happy to cuddle next to on a cold winter's night. They then take these gorgeous babes and put them in the raunchiest, hardest hitting porn that you will ever see. And when it is all done and the creampies have been dispatched, they capture it with extreme closeups that let you get a nice hard look. If you are a fan of internal cumshots filmed in high definition, then this site will make you very happy.