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  • Girlfriends Know The Virtues Of Cum Swapping

    Date: Jun 09, 2021 | Category: Cumshots

    For these two ladies everything is a competition. They are always competing to wear the best clothes, the most expensive jewelry and to date the hottest men. This obsession they have with outdoing each other ends at the bedroom, however. When it comes to love they know how to share.

    Cum Swapping

    Both of them met this hot guy in a bar and decided to take him home. After all, neither one of them had had a date in awhile and both of them were pretty drunk and horny. Now in any other circumstance this would make them both ultra competitive, but that wasn't the case in this situation. They were both able to not only share this dude's dick, but were also able to share his spunk. This turned into the great cum swapping scene you see before you.

    And while most women can be as competitive as these two ladies, I have found a site where all the women get along. This porn site is called Sperm Swap and it has dozens of pairs of women who know the virtues of cum swapping.

  • Cum Swapping Shouldn't Be Done Just One Way

    Date: Feb 24, 2021 | Category: Cumshots

    I can honestly say that I am a dedicated fan of cum swapping babes. I love it when two girls take on a guy's cock, retrieve every single drop of his delicious cum, and then proceed to share it amongst themselves. I just think that is quality fucking entertainment that just can't be beat.

    Cum Swapping

    The problem with most cum swapping porn sites, however, is they don't take this type of porn seriously enough to show it with style. Let me tell you what I mean. Most sites start off with the chicks giving head until the guy blows his load into one of their mouths. The ladies then snowball each other with it. Now that would be a perfectly acceptable scene, but not if it is the only take on it. Cum sharing porn should have more than just blow jobs. There has to be some kind of variety.

    That is why I like Sperm Swap. This site knows that variety is needed to keep their members engaged. And that is what they provide. Sure, they show two chicks sucking on the same cock and then sharing the sperm, but that isn't the only way they do it. They also have chicks getting butt fucked and pussy fucked. Now that's variety, especially when most of the girls take the time to play with each others bodies before the action begins. This site knows what us fans want and they work hard to make it happen.