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  • Erotic Photos Are The Appetizer To A Heavy Porn Meal

    Date: Mar 07, 2024 | Category: Erotica / Softcore

    While many people immediately shoot for the movies when they join a porn site such as Met Art, I on the other hand have a different method. I always check out the erotic photos first. That is because I want to see the women in as much detail as possible before they move on to some real action.

    Erotic Photos

    I have been looking at the erotic images of porn sites first ever since I can remember. I like to soak in every square inch of these lovely ladies. I love to take a good hard look at their soft and supple breasts. I love to sneak a peek at their lovely pussies and I love to check out their skin. What I love the most, however, is that look that is almost always in the girl's eyes. That come hither and fuck me look. You can only see that look on a porn sites erotic pictures. You hardly ever see it in the videos because the girls are usually too busy to work the camera.

    The erotic pics of Amelie is a perfect example. Look at that soft, sensual and definitely sexual look in her eyes. It almost looks like she is ready to gobble up your cock and drain you of every ounce of cum. This is an impression you can only get from her erotic photos. Yet it makes watching the videos ten times better to watch. They are like the appetizer to the main course.

  • Erotic Photos Can Still Make You Horny

    Date: Oct 14, 2021 | Category: Erotica / Softcore

    I think that many people don't understand the true value of erotic photos. That might be because erotic pictures were the first kind of porn to be ever developed, so many people think that it is outdated or not as relevant as videos. I am here to dispute that belief, however. I think that erotic pics are some of the hottest types of porn out there.

    Erotic Photos

    I can see that some of you are shaking your head in disbelief, so allow me to give you an example so I can better illustrate my point. I am going to do this by letting you take a moment to soak in the softcore photo I found on Met Art. It features a lovely teen named Irina. Just by taking a moment to look at Irina's soft body you will see that what I am saying is the absolute truth.

    The erotic images of Irina made my cock swell the moment I saw it. This 18 year old has a face that is the epitome of innocence, but she has a body that would make any guy work his ass off just for the chance to stick his dick inside it. Combine her erotic photos with the videos she has made, which can also be found on Met Art, then you have the perfect one-two knockout punch. Now tell me this is not effective in getting your sexual juices flowing.