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  • Take A Look At This Amazing Facial

    Date: Jan 10, 2022 | Category: Cumshots

    I surfed on over to 1000 Facials and saw an incredible facial porn scene. It featured this beautiful blonde with hazel eyes mouth fucking this guy's enormous rod. I know, it sounds like just about every scene you will ever see on any porn site. However, if you take a moment I will tell you what made this scene truly exceptional.

    This chick started off sucking this guy's dick and she was doing a pretty good job, when suddenly another guy walks into the room. Before I know it, she is not only sucking one dick but now she is sucking two of them. And she was keeping pace with both of them too. Hell, I have seen plate spinners with less hand-eye coordination than this chick.


    Somehow, she managed to bring both guys to the point of ejaculation at the same time. In fact, they both shot their cum all over her face at practically the same time. I have never seen a facial scene that was not only so intense, but was also so skillfully executed. It was almost like watching a expert magician doing his tricks. It was that fucking good.

    You don't have to take my word for it, however. Just head on over to 1000 Facials and see what I am talking about. I am sure you will not only find this video amazing, but will probably find a lot of other amazing videos.

  • 1000 Facials Allows Men To Fulfill Their Facial Fantasy

    Date: Sep 13, 2021 | Category: Cumshots

    Giving a woman a facial is something every guy dreams about. I would even go as far as to say that it is truly a universal fantasy. There are few things hotter for a guy than to shoot his spunk all over a woman's face. It is exciting and thrilling.

    That is why so many guys take every opportunity they can to give a woman a facial. It could be their girlfriend, their wife or even the hooker that works the corner by the mini-mart. Guys just want to blow their load over some woman's face; any woman's face.


    Most women aren't down with it, however, and that is why so many of us just have to live with out fantasy unfulfilled. Girls aren't going to let us do it so I guess we are just going to have to abandon our most sacred fantasy. Or do we? I personally don't think we have to give up the dream. That is because there are sites out there that will let us experience this fantasy. One of these sites is 1000 Facials.

    1000 Facials is a porn site that shows hot porn stars sucking off big cocks and getting their beautiful cocksucking faces covered in loads of cum. It is the perfect way for us guys to fulfill our fantasy.