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  • Only Porn Stars Love Facials

    Date: Apr 18, 2022 | Category: Cumshots

    Have you ever noticed how some women are against getting facials? I have and let me tell you that it can be really fucking annoying. Sometimes you don't want to shoot your cum into a woman's twat or down her throat. Sometimes you want to see her wearing a thick shiny coat of your spunk like some kind of sexual badge of honor.


    Try to give your woman a facial, however, and you will quickly see how fast she turns on you. She will go from being that hot sexy babe who is just sucking your cock into some kind of rage fueled bitch. And she will not mince any words as she tells you just what she thinks about you shooting your load all over her face.

    I can kind of understand where these women are coming from. They think facials are demeaning. I get that, but can't you just put your personal feelings aside for a moment so I can fulfill one of my sexual fantasies? Is that too fucking hard to do. If it is, then I guess that I will just get what I need from 1000 Facials. That solves everyone's fucking problems. I guess this is what all of us guys are going to have to do to have our fantasies fulfilled. Women aren't down with this act unless they are porn stars. And I feel like that is a crying shame.

  • Giselle Leon Is A Pro At Getting Facials

    Date: Dec 02, 2021 | Category: Cumshots

    Giselle Leon knows a thing or two about facials. In fact, I think it would probably be safe to say that she is somewhat of an expert. She has sucked off literally hundreds of cocks during the course of her career and in the process has gotten more than her fair share of cum shots to the face.


    I have followed the career of this porn star for some time now, but it wasn't until she appeared on 1000 Facials that I really became a fan. The moment she peeled off her little bikini and kneeled in front of that big thick cock I knew I was going to see something exceptionally fucking hot. And I was right. Her scenes are one of my favorite scenes on this whole site.

    I guess this site recognized her particular skills and knew she would be a perfect fit for their fine facials collection. A collection of beautiful porn stars who are skilled at sucking cock, and more importantly, are really sexy when they get cum all over their faces. If there is only one cum facial site you visit all year, then this should be the one. It will infinitely improve your sex life by providing you with some hot and very messy porn action.