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  • What Makes Fat Women So Damn Sexy?

    Date: Feb 03, 2024 | Category: BBW / Fat

    When was the last time you fucked any fat women? It's a simple question, but is one that might be hard for some people to answer. I mean, let's face facts here folks. Some guys just don't dig fat babes. That's okay, I guess it's a personal choice. However, it is not one I agree with.

    When I think about fat chicks I get really excited. These ladies offer something that skinny whores just can't compete with. They carry themselves with a confidence that you can just see. These fat girls don't care if you want to fuck them or not. They know they are sexy.

    Fat Women

    Take this blonde chick for instance. This fat hottie knows that she has the goods to please any man she wants to. She knows there are guys who would die to get smothered by those great big titties. She knows that there are guys who want to spank that big ass, and she knows that her pussy is the best in town.

    It is this confidence that makes me go after fat women like this one. I know that once she gets me in the bedroom she is going to fuck my brains out. She isn't going to worry about how she looks or is she is going to smear her makeup like many small bitches do. She is going to take my cock and milk it of every ounce of cum she can squeeze out of it. That is what makes large girls so sexy.

  • Fat Women Fuck Better Than Anyone Else

    Date: Apr 26, 2021 | Category: BBW / Fat

    There is a big misconception that fat women don't know how to fuck. Whomever said that has either never fucked any fat ladies or they have never visited Plumper Pass. Because if they had, then they would know that these women fuck better than any other size chick.

    Fat chicks just know what guys want and they aren't afraid to give it to them. Maybe it's because these women are often marginalized by society, especially when they are younger. They are often teased and disregarded as fuckable material. Then one day they blossom and they realize that a lot of guys not only find them beautiful but find them sexually appealing. It's a big confidence boost that they use to fuel their sexual engines.

    Fat Women

    Fat ladies are also willing to go to any lengths to please their man. They will let guys do things to them that skinny chicks wouldn't even consider. Things like anal which are often painful to the rail thin ladies, are often something that fat women really enjoy. They have all that extra cushion for the pushin' and they take full advantage of it.

    If you still aren't convinced that fat girls really can fuck, then you need to head on over to Plumper Pass. After you watch the tons of videos they have on file of BBW women fucking in ways you never thought possible, you will become a believer.