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  • Men In Pain Is The Gold Standard For Female Domination

    Date: Nov 27, 2021 | Category: Femdom

    Those of us guys who are into femdom action love to find porn sites that have a lot of female domination action. I know that might sound obvious to you but it is true. However, trying to find this type of action in today's world can be truly hard.

    Female Domination

    It seems like a lot of BDSM action is centered around women who are submissive and not men who are submissive. It seems like the internet just loves to dominate young, fragile women. Porn sites rarely seem to find the pleasure in female domination. That is, until one porn site decided to take the flag and run with it. This site is called Men in Pain and it has been the gold standard for this type of porn since it inception.

    It has been the go-to site for male submissive because it offers high definition videos that us fans really like. Women tying men up and subjecting them to cock and ball torture, humiliation, spanking and even pegging. As hot as these acts are, however, they only scratch the surface of what members will find in their exclusive collection.

  • Female Domination Needs To Be Filmed The Right Way

    Date: Aug 07, 2021 | Category: Femdom

    I don't believe that you have truly experienced female domination until you have visited Men In Pain. Why do I say that? Well, that's because I think that most other porn site treat the subject too lightly. They treat it like some kind of fucking game. They usually present cutesy women prancing around pretending to inflict punishment and humiliation on their male partners. For me, that is not true female domination.

    Female Domination

    Men In Pain, however, takes a different approach. They don't have the famous porn stars pretending to be a dominatrix for a day. They take real dommes and pair them up with real submissive men. Men who are willing to be treated like dogs and have their wills bent to their mistresses every fucking whim.

    So don't fool yourself folks. Not every BDSM porn site is the same. If you want to see real action, then you have to visit Men In Pain. Don't be fooled by the myriad of sites that claim to deliver that kind of action, but fail miserably in its execution. There is a right way and a wrong way to show female dominance. And this site is definitely the right way. Don't be fooled by imitations of the real deal guys. Femdom porn is a special genre and should be treated with the respect it deserves. As does the fans of femdom.