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  • Gay Anal Sex Is More Than Just The Physical Act

    Date: Nov 12, 2021 | Category: Gay

    Not every porn site knows how to film gay anal sex action that is not only fun to watch but is also rough, wild and hardcore. A lot of sites like to focus exclusively on cocks being shoved into asses and nothing more. They don't cover the intimacy or the fun of the guys as they do their thing. On most sites, the camera focuses on the bottom and doesn't take the whole scene into consideration.

    Gay Anal Sex

    However, there is at least one site that does know how to shoot gay anal sex. And that site is called Next Door Buddies. On this site, more than just the act is taken into consideration. The whole experience is covered with style and grace.

    They know that some of the raunchiest gay butt fucking action erupts from performers who are not only familiar with each other but also share a special connection. A connection that allows all of the action to sprout from an organic source. It's just not one guy's tab being inserted into another guy's slot. It becomes much, much more. A transformative experience that not only stimulates you sexually but engages all of your senses in the act. Check out Next Door Buddies and see for yourself. I am willing to bet that you will find their films to be not only hardcore but sexy as well.

  • Gay Anal Sex Should Be As Fun As It Is Hot

    Date: Mar 30, 2021 | Category: Gay

    I was checking out this gay anal sex scene I found on Next Door Buddies today and I found myself really getting into the action. In this scene, you have a guy who takes his car into the shop to get it's brakes fixed. What this guy didn't know, however, was that he was going to get the full-service treatment. He wasn't just going to get his brakes fixed, but he was also going to get his undercarriage greased and his stick adjusted. I wonder if he had to pay extra for that or if it was part of the a total care package.

    Gay Anal Sex

    It is scenes like this one that really get my panties in a bunch. After all, it can be tedious just watching guys fuck in a studio session. Sometimes you want a little story, a little fantasy to go along with all of the ass pounding and cock sucking action. And that is why I like to visit Next Door Buddies. They just don't feature a generic sex scene, they present a whole sexual fantasy. One that will keep you entertained long after you have tossed your nuts. If that sounds like something you like as well, then head on over to Next Door Buddies and enjoy their steamy, fun and hardcore gay anal sex videos and picture galleries.