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  • Study Group Turns Into A Gay Fuck Fest

    Date: Jul 16, 2023 | Category: Gay

    If you've been yearning for a great gay fuck scene, then let me take a second to introduce you to two guys I found on Randy Blue. They are Caleb and Skylar and these two guys really know how to put on one hell of a good show.

    Gay Fuck

    The premise of this scene is pretty simple. Skylar is a hot twink who has been giving math help to this jock named Caleb. At the beginning, it's just your standard studying scene, and then Skylar bends over in front of Caleb and the scene quickly turns into an all out gay fuck fest.

    Caleb rips off the young Skylar's pants and spreads those butt cheeks of his. He then sinks his beef bayonet deep inside his ass. At first, Sky could barely take the huge piece of meat that was being slid deep inside his tight ass. However, after a few strokes he managed to get into it and rode his classmate's cock until he shot his load deep inside his ass. Caleb might fail his trig exam, but who fucking cares when you have a bottom as eager as Sky.

  • Randy Blue Elevates The Gay Fuck To A New Standard

    Date: Jan 14, 2022 | Category: Gay

    Randy Blue knows what us homosexual guys want. This site knows that we love our men to have perfect bodies that are resplendent in ever single detail. Rock hard abs and pecs and cocks that could drive nails deep into a wooden plank. They also know that we want to see these hunks engage in a gay fuck that literally makes us drop to the floor. Especially if this action is captured in high quality videos and pictures.

    Gay Fuck

    Action that was quite hard to find before they launched their site a number of years ago. Prior to Randy Blue, many of us had to suffer through poorly filmed amateur gay movies that had numerous problems. Problems such as poor lighting, bad camera angles and a film quality that was barely serviceable. And that's not even mentioning the fact that many of the guys in these videos were busted as hell. Sorry, I have to be honest here.

    This site has changed all of that, however, and I for one am pretty grateful. They have elevated the gay fuck from quagmires of internet porn to something that is more like the homoerotic sex fests that all of us dreamed it could be. For that, I tip my hat to them and thank them for their dedication to this fine genre. A genre that will continue to keep me sexually satisfied for years to come.