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  • It's Only Natural To Want To Fuck Goth Girls

    Date: Feb 14, 2024 | Category: Unusual

    I want you to be honest with me. You really have a thing for Goth girls don't you? It's okay, I won't tell anyone. In fact, I'll make a confession to you as well. I too have a thing for Goth girls. I really love looking at these fascinating and sexual creatures. It really makes my day.

    Goth Girls

    I really love Gothic teens. Man, do they make my dick hard. Even when I am looking at them fully dressed they have a way of making my testosterone spike. I think it's because they look tough and wild, and at the same time look like they want you to fuck the living shit out of them. That combination of attributes is something that is very hard to come by nowadays.

    No porn site demonstrates this better than Burning Angel. They have a beautiful collection of models that include Gothic, Emo and Punk babes that seem like all they want to do is make your sexual fantasies come true. They love to tease us guys with their well inked bodies and if push comes to shove, you can be sure they are ready to have a big cock shoved up their twats or down their throats. The kind of alternative chicks that every guy wants not only on his arm but also in his bed. As you can clearly see, there is no shame having a hard on for these ladies. In fact, I would say it is quite natural.

  • Goth Girls Have Gone Mainstream

    Date: Apr 04, 2022 | Category: Unusual

    Goth girls have gone mainstream. This is true not only in porn but also in your normal entertainment venues. Go to any movie or watch any television show and I bet that you will see at least a few Goth girls. This is a stark contrast to how things used to be in the US.

    Goth Girls

    During the 1980s, this craze began and you started seeing the first waves of Gothic babes out in public. These were the teens who wore a lot of dark make up and kind of dressed like Elvira. These alternative teens got a lot of grief for how they looked. Their tattoos, make up and piercings made them outcast. They were often portrayed as suicidal or strange and the media made a concerted effort to never portray them in any form.

    Things have since changed. Now you see Emo chicks all of the time. On the TV, in magazines and in movies. And yes, even on porn sites such as Burning Angel. The latter is my favorite portrayal of these ladies because it shows them not as being dark people, but as horny sexual attractive women. Women who have no problems unzipping your fly and sucking you off, or lifting their skirts so you can lick their shaved, pierced pussies. Which makes me glad that they have gone mainstream in porn because it is some of the hottest action I have ever seen.