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  • Fucking Gothic Girls Can Be Pretty Rewarding

    Date: Mar 24, 2024 | Category: Unusual

    One of the little pleasures in the world is going out with Gothic girls. Actually, if I am going to be completely honest here, it is fucking Gothic girls that is one of the most underrated acts that can be done. And it is not only because they have an unusual appearance. No, while that is a plus and adds to the variety one can experience while fucking one of these Goth chicks, it is not what makes them hot.

    Gothic Girls

    I have found in my experience that Goth babes are hotter in the bed than normal looking chicks. Under the pink hair, tattoos and piercings is usually a sexual beast that can't be satisfied. One that is capable of leaving you in bed, sweating and drained of all bodily fluids.

    If you don't believe that is the case, then you probably have never dated one of the alternative babes. I have, however, so I know how sexually demanding they can be in the bedroom. They can be a real handful, but they also offer rewards that no other babe can offer. It is satisfying to fuck one of these Goth ladies and once you begin down that road you will never turn back.

  • Gothic Girls Have Always Given Me A Hard On

    Date: Dec 24, 2021 | Category: Unusual

    I have always had a thing for Gothic girls. They have always seemed able to get under my skin and make me very fucking horny. I'm not really sure why that is the case, but I do have a few theories. Perhaps I have a hard on for Gothic girls because they are unlike any other type of lady. They have their own personality and they are not afraid to show it off. Even if that means society rejects them.

    Gothic Girls

    Another reason that might increase my fondness for Goth babes is that they always look like they are ready to fuck. Maybe it's the piercings, the tattoos or the heavy make up. I don't claim to know. But there is something about these ladies that make you think that they would suck your cock in a back alley or fuck you on the hood of your car.

    Maybe the reason I am fond of Goth chicks is the fact that I have seen them on porn sites such as Burning Angel and have always found them hot. I just love watching these ladies get their pierced pussies fucked or their made-up face slicked with big loads of cum. And maybe, just maybe, I have carried that love of alternative ladies back from this porn site and into the real world.