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  • Devon Cuckolds Her Husband Like A Naughty Housewife

    Date: Feb 01, 2024 | Category: Wives

    Devon Michaels has had just about enough of her husbands shenanigans. She is a sexual firestorm and she just hasn't been getting fucked the way she needs to at home. Rather than get into another big drawn out fight about how she wants dick, she decided to sit her husband down and show him first hand how she wants to get banged.


    In this scene, watch as Devon sits her husband down on a couch and makes him watch her fuck a big stunt cock. See her hard-up pussy swallow his cock down to the balls as she gets the hardcore fucking that she's been dreaming of. Devon pinches her own nipples and smashes her clit down hard as she takes her orgasm into her own hands. She rides her stunt cocks dick fast and furious and you can tell she's getting off on making her husband feel like a cuckold as he watches her fuck from the corner.

  • Some Naughty Housewives Are Better Than Others

    Date: Aug 01, 2021 | Category: Wives

    It's a fact of life. Some housewives are not only prettier than others, but some of them are a lot more fun. Take Phyllisha Anne, for instance. She is one of those helpmates you wish you could fuck. She has a soccer mom sex appeal that captures any guy's attention immediately. And it doesn't hurt that she is one hell of a nasty little freak.


    I found her on a site called Dirty Wives Exposed, and I am so glad that I discovered this chick and her wild sexual antics. She does thing that would repulse most dude's spouses. She will suck anyone's cock at any time and doesn't even mind getting double penetrated from time to time. Anything she can do to get her weekly quota of cock filled, I guess.

    She is also one of many housewives on this site who get a devilish pleasure out of cuckolding their husbands. However, while most guys don't like to have their wives give up their pussy to other men in front of them, this chick somehow managed to get her husband to enjoy the whole act. Wow! She has some scheme going on, that's for sure.