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  • Huge Boobs That Can Only Be Handled By A Super Hero

    Date: Jun 09, 2024 | Category: Tits (Big & Small)

    Holy giant mammary glands Batman!! Have you ever seen a pair of huge boobs like this set sitting on the chest of Roxi Red. My guess is the answer is probably no. Unless of course, you are a fan of Roxi Red or are a member of Scoreland. Because if that is the case, then you probably see humongeous juggs like this one on a regular basis.

    Huge Boobs

    For those of you who aren't familiar with this sexy porn star or her large knockers, then let me take a few moments of your time and tell you a little bit about her. She was born in December of 1984 in St. Paul Minnesota. Her measurements are 51-30-36 and her bra's cup size is an impressive 38K. Now if you don't think this chick has a pair of big tit, then I don't know what to say. In order for tits to be any bigger they would have to have been created in a lab or exposed to some form of alien radiation.

    Of course, there are a few girls on Scoreland that have huge boobs almost as big as this chicks. However, if you want to see them with your own eyes then you are going to have to fly over there and check it out for yourself. And don't forget your utility belt because I think you are going to need it to wrangle big breasts of this size!

  • It's Just Easier To Get Your Huge Boobs On Scoreland

    Date: Jan 27, 2021 | Category: Tits (Big & Small)

    Huge boobs like the ones that you find on Janne Hollan might be hard to handle, but wouldn't you give it a shot? I know I would. I might have problems getting those giant knockers under control, but I sure as shit would try. To not do so would be against every guy code on the planet.

    Huge Boobs

    However, I do admit that it would probably be easier to just enjoy the huge boobs of Janne Hollan on a porn site like Scoreland. That way, I could peacefully stroke my cock while I watched her giant juggs bouncing up and down. Do you think that makes me lazy? Never mind, don't answer that question.

    The truth is I would never have to opportunity to play with a pair of large boobs like these. Not in a million fucking years. Shit, I bet that I wouldn't even get the chance to come anywhere near them. Therefore, I think that my best option is to visit Scoreland and just enjoy them from the comfort of my home. It is not just easier, but a hell of a lot more plausible than playing with them in real life.