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  • No Need To Be Intimidated By A Large Penis

    Date: Jun 28, 2023 | Category: Big Cocks

    Many guys are intimidated by scenes like this one. Scenes that shows a beautiful girl sucking on a really large penis. And I can understand why. Huge cocks like this are not normal and they can make some of us feel like nature has cheated us a bit. How can a guy compete with another guy who has a giant dick like this one? That's an easy question to answer guys. You don't have to compete with it at all.

    I used to get intimidated by scenes like this one I found on Monsters Of Cock. Here you have a beautiful woman struggling to get a big black dick past her stretched lips. I would look at that and wonder how I could ever offer a woman anything that comes close to this. And then I began to think about it.

    Large Penis

    I don't have to compete with these guys and their enormous shafts. It's not like they are trolling my neighborhood and seducing women with their impressive man meat. No, they all seem to work for sites such as Monsters Of Cock. Sites that are filmed very far from me.

    And I am so glad I was able to overcome this penile intimidation. It wasn't healthy and it was making me miss out on some hot action. After all, every guy wants to see porn where hot girls are fucked by big cocks. The bigger the better. And that is exactly what these guys, and the sites they appear on, offer to all of us.

  • A Large Penis Can Be A Blessing Or A Curse

    Date: Jun 25, 2023 | Category: Big Cocks

    Ask any woman and she will tell you that a guy with a large penis can be both a blessing and a curse. Most ladies enjoy a nice big cock to wrap their pussy lips around and they have no problems saying so. However, there comes a point when a huge dick is too big.

    Large Penis

    For instance, this guy and his large penis. I am almost willing to bet that when this beautiful blonde first saw this giant schlong she immediately had mixed emotions. She wanted to know how it felt to have such a sizable prick inside her, but this feeling was also probably tempered with a bit of fear. She didn't know if this gigantic cock would give her multiple orgasms or split her in half.

    From the look on her face, however, it looked like it caused her more pleasure than pain. She looks like she is really digging having such a massive member shoved deep inside her cock chute. Of course, it can be really hard to tell from just one picture, so I guess you are going to have to check out the full scene for yourself. Head on over to Monsters Of Cock and watch the entire episode for yourself. Then you can determine with your own eyes whether this chick was blessed or cursed.