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  • Not All Mature Ladies Can Fuck Like Elara Elis

    Date: Apr 05, 2024 | Category: Mature

    I think I just got the best pussy I've ever received in my life. It was while I was filming a porn scene with Elara Elis. Of all the mature ladies I've ever met, this one gave me pussy that I almost couldn't handle.

    You see, I'm pretty used to fucking mature sluts. I must have fucked hundreds of them in my lifetime, but the moment I met Elara Elis I knew she was something special. She was one of those mature whores who could cut you down to size with her eyes and I knew my work was going to be cut out for me.

    Mature Ladies

    She started off my slowly sucking my cock. She stuck my shaft deep in her throat and as she sucked she worked it not only with her hand but her entire body it seems. However, she didn't let me cum like many other mature chicks would have done. No, she squeezed it off and then proceeded to mount me. She shoved my dick deep inside her and started riding me like she was trying to bust a bronco. I had little choice but go along for the ride.

    I'm not going to tell you what happened next, but let me tell you it was wild and intense. If you want to see how differently she fucked from most other mature ladies, then you are going to have to visit 40 Something Mag.

  • Mature Ladies Each Have Different Sexual Skills

    Date: Feb 05, 2021 | Category: Mature

    Mature ladies like Barbi Banks come along once in a generation. That is the truth. Few mature chicks have the sexual stamina or the body to make me hard, but I would definitely say that Barbi Banks is one of them.

    Like many mature women, Barbi has been doing porn for a long time. She has probably sucked more cocks and drank more cum than any other person on the planet. Cocksucking, however, is not her only skill. Her specialty is a little bit different than other mature babes you may have met. She loves being fucked in the ass.

    Mature Ladies

    Of course, mature chicks loving anal is nothing new, but she really does seem to have a flair for it. If you don't believe me, then all you have to do is run on over to 40 Something Mag and get a good look at how she can work a cock with only her ass.

    And while you are there, check out some of the other mature ladies on this site. I think that you will find that many of them have their own sexual skill sets that make them special. Some of them may be like Barbi and be anal experts, while others seem to have a special skill at sucking dick. Mature babes all have their own special skills in the bedroom and that is what makes them truly unique and special.