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  • Divine Bitches Takes Men In Pain To New Heights

    Date: Apr 20, 2022 | Category: BDSM

    I am often asked what makes Men In Pain such a great site to visit. Well, that is not an easy question to answer because this site has a lot of things going for it, but I'll give it a try anyway. I think the first thing this site does well is to show its members guy torment that goes above and beyond what you would see on other BDSM porn sites.

    Men In Pain

    Dude torture is an art and this site takes it very seriously. It shows all kinds of hot femdom action that includes bondage, domination, pegging, cock and ball torture, CFNM humiliation, cuckolding, spanking, smothering, nut busting, pony boy action, denied orgasm control and cunt worship. Action that is served up by the meanest mistresses you can find called the divine bitches. How far do these ladies go to serve up hot male torment? Check out Men In Pain to see for yourself.

  • Men In Pain Is The Stuff Of Dreams

    Date: Aug 18, 2021 | Category: BDSM

    Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching male slaves submitting to their female partners. You know, the type of action that you can find on porn sites such as Men In Pain. This type of action has fueled my sexual fantasies for so long I just had to try it out in my real life.

    It might seem unintuitive to watch guys in pain, but trust me it is something that is really hot. Allow me a moment to tell you a little bit about this genre of XXX action. This act is a subset of the BDSM act and almost always involves two participants. The first participant is the male in agony, and the second one is the dominate female. Then the action progresses in a variety of ways.

    Men In Pain

    The guys may be forced to do "degrading" acts such as being forced to eat out the woman's ass or allow himself to be trampled by the female. It can also engage even harder acts which may or may not include pegging, cock and ball torture, bondage, domination, whipping, humiliation and cuckolding. Just about any variation on these sexual themes is possible.

    Men In Pain offers such a variety of action that I think it should be experienced by men from all different walks of life, but particularly for those interested in bondage and domination. Male torture is an act that is the stuff of sexual fantasies.