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  • Pick A Mistress On The English Mansion

    Date: Oct 20, 2021 | Category: Femdom

    This scene should prove one thing to you. When you have a mistress or two, then you better be on your best behavior because if you aren't, then you are in for a good 'ole fashioned ass whipping. Actually, I am being a bit facetious here. The guy in this picture has hired these two dominatrices and this butt whipping is actually his reward for good behavior.


    I found this picture on The English Mansion and I think it is pretty representative of the kind of action they offer on their BDSM porn site. This site has quite a few dominatrices that are not only beautiful and stern, but are also capable of delivering whatever you need them to deliver. This includes spankings, cock torture, sissyfication, bondage, domination and humiliation. Of course, each one of these ladies have their own take on how their discipline is doled out, but I do believe if you look through their model's page you will find a mistress that has the skills that you need.

    That probably means that you should take a moment and check out the hot collection of bondage and domination porn on The English Mansion. Pick a dominatrix that you like and watch her discipline her slaves in hot, hardcore action.

  • Can You Submit To This Mistress?

    Date: Sep 25, 2021 | Category: Femdom

    Mistress Stephanie has something to show you. Actually, if I am going to be accurate I would say that she has something that she wants you to experience. An all encompassing BDSM experience that will challenge you body, mind and heart. Enter her dungeons at Men In Pain and she will show you things that you don't even dare to dream about.


    This mistress is very skilled at giving her submissives exactly what they deserve or what they need. She is capable of tying her men up and delivering them a life changing experience that they won't soon forget. A true femdom experience that will leave you drained and begging for more. That is what she has to offer to all of her slaves.

    If you think that you have what it takes to have Stephanie as your master, then go ahead and step through the portal at Men In Pain. Just be forewarned. She will show you things that you have never experienced up to this point in your life. She will blur the lines between pleasure and pain until you can't differentiate between the two. She will dominate your body and your mind. And in the end, you will enjoy every single second of it. Do you have what it takes to submit to your master? If you don't, that's okay. Few men do.