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  • Naughty Nurses Take A Temperature Rectally

    Date: Jun 14, 2024 | Category: Uniforms

    In this super erotic Doctor Tushy scene, watch as a sexy redhead nurse gets herself all worked up and turned on as she examines a dark haired, mocha colored skinned exotic beauty. Sometimes it's hard for a nurse to maintain that strict patient/health care worker relationship when a hot as fuck chick starts to wiggle and squirm as she gets more and more turned on by your touch.

    Naughty Nurses

    Enter the examination room and see what happens when a bisexual redhead nurse starts to get turned on as she gives her patient a deep rectal exam. Watch as she uses her fingers and a thermometer to make sure that her patient is healthy and up to date on all her physical examinations. You will be treated to crystal clear close ups of the thermometer jutting out from her tight little asshole. She may be a naughty nurse but she is definitely a considerate one as she uses plenty of lube to allow the tiny glass rod to easily slip into her patients tushy.

  • Naughty Nurses Enjoy Anal Play

    Date: May 11, 2021 | Category: Uniforms

    Doctor Tushy is the premier site for naughty nurses that enjoy introducing their patients the the sexual arousal that comes from anal play. In this scene, join our naughty nurse as she seduces a sexy brunette right out of her hospital gown.

    Naughty Nurses

    Many women are afraid of anal play and the naughty nurses at Doctor Tushy believe it's because no one has taken the time or had the patience to go slow with them. See what happens when this naughty nurse lubes up a thermometer and slowly works the tip in and out of her patients tight ass. At first her patient is apprehensive, but this naughty nurse knows exactly how to work and twist it in to bring amazing sexual pleasure to her clients.

    Soon the hot brunette on the table is spreading her cheeks wider and begging for more as she gets turned on. The hospital gown opens up and before you know it she is giving you unrestricted views of her bleached asshole and dripping wet pussy.