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  • A Nice Butt Has To Be Seen And Experienced

    Date: Jul 07, 2023 | Category: Ass / Butts

    If a woman has a nice butt like this lady does, then it is almost inevitable that she is going to end up on a porn site. I mean come on. You cant tuck a lovely rump like that away in a pair of jeans or behind a skirt. It is too good for that fate. It has to be shown off to the world so that every guy on the planet can enjoy it.

    It is also an inevitability that a nice butt like this would end up in the collection of a porn site such as Ass Parade. After all, this site is known for having some of the most delectable asses on the planet. The kind of peachy tails that has the potential of making even the hardest grown man cry like a fucking baby. Yeah, they are that fucking hot.

    Nice Butt

    I should know because I spend a lot of time on this site. I just believe that attractive bums should be experienced on a regular basis. Otherwise, they are just going to waste. And I am not a wasteful sort of guy.

    You should also run over to Ass Parade and check out their collection of fine buns. Get these beautiful asses out of the darkness and bring them into the light. A sexy behind that isn't experienced is one that doesn't really seem to exist in the real world.

  • A Nice Butt Is Like A Stop Sign

    Date: Nov 15, 2021 | Category: Ass / Butts

    A nice butt has the power to make any guy stop dead in his tracks and take a good hard look. It doesn't matter if the nice butt is walking past the guy on the street or is on a porn site such as Ass Parade. When a guy comes across an inviting posterior, then he simply has to look.

    Nice Butt

    I think there is one main reason why guys react so strongly to a beautiful behind. And it has a lot to do with biology. It is something that is deeply ingrained in our DNA. Ever since guys first crawled from the primal slime, they have taken the time to appreciate an attractive rear end. That's because all of this time it has been a signal used to get us to mate and ultimately reproduce.

    That is why porn sites such as Ass Parade have such a profound effect on us guys. When we see the chicks on sites like this one it really charges up our sexual batteries. It gets us ready to fuck or at the very least shoot a load all over our computer. Just the kind of thing pornography is intended to do.