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  • Nude Celebrities Such As Jessica Alba Show Their Tits

    Date: Mar 22, 2024 | Category: Celebrities

    I never really considered myself a fan of nude celebrities. Sure, there were times when in my life when I would sneak a peek at Lady Gaga or Alicia Silverstone, but I never really considered myself to be a die hard fan of nude movie stars. That is until I caught some pictures of Jessica Alba on Mr. Skin.

    That is when I caught her perfect Latina breast in a movie called Into The Blue. Wow, it just blew me away. Her skin looks so soft and her tits are so high and perky. I would totally fuck the shit out of her.

    Nude Celebrities

    After I checked her nude scene on Mr. Skin I decided to see what other kinds of flesh she has exposed to the public. Hell, she is always sporting a bikini or showing us a tantalizing shot of her sleek back. If Jessica Alba is reading this I think you are one hot Latina babe!

    After my encounter with her I decided to search for other naked movie stars on this site. Man, did they have a ton of them. Everybody from Salma Hayek and Jennifer Love Hewitt to Daryl Hannah and Alyson Hannigan. What a hot collection.

    If you've yet to see any of these nude celebrities, then I advise that you check out this site and get a real eyeful. It will open you open to the best tits, pussy and ass in Hollywood.

  • Anne Hathaway is One Of The Hottest Nude Celebrities

    Date: Jan 28, 2021 | Category: Celebrities

    Nude celebrities such as Anne Hathaway always make me stop and look. I just have to take a peep if this chick is showing off her tits or ass. I mean come on. She was fucking cat woman. There is no guy in the world who wouldn't check out cat woman's tits.

    Another reason I love nude stars like Anne Hathaway because they always seem so sweet in the movies. Other than that role in Batman, this chick mostly plays nice, sweet girl next door type roles. She just seems innocent. And you know what that means. When nude actresses seem sweet, then you know they are probably raging whores in the bedroom.

    Nude Celebrities

    Aside from the fact that I want to fuck her, there is one more reason that I always search out her nude videos. That's because she is consistently rated highly on nude celebrities sites such as Mr. Skin. When a bunch of guys who've seen every Hollywood stars nude body gives someone a high rating, then you take notice.

    Of course, you can always disagree with me. In order to do that, however, you are going to have to check out the nude megastars on Mr. Skin. If you can find a chick that seems more fuckable than Anne Hathaway, then I will concede that you are the winner.