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  • Panty Amateur Is A Place To Call Home

    Date: Jul 10, 2024 | Category: Panties

    I don't know when exactly I developed a panty fetish, but I can tell you that I've had it for quite awhile. There is something so exciting, hot and intense about seeing a beautiful girl in a sexy pair of underwear. It never fails to get my blood pumping and put a bit of steel into my dick.

    However, it can be quite hard to find a site that is catered to my particular desires. I mean, there just aren't a lot of sites out there that have nothing but beautiful chicks in lingerie or undies. Fortunately, my problem was solved when I came across Panty Amateur.


    This site had everything I could ever want. It was not only filled with incredible babes, but it also had these babes dressed in nothing but underpants. Underwear of every type and design. Sheer cotton undies, small squirrel covers and all types of undergarments and lingerie. Finally, a place I could call home.

    If you too are looking for a place to call home, then all you have to do is check this site out. They have tons of panty clad babes who are just waiting to fulfill your every dream and desire. This is action you don't want miss. Check it out and I will meet you over there!!

  • Panty Porn Is Always Top Drawer Fun

    Date: Jan 07, 2022 | Category: Panties

    I think that videos and pictures that feature a women in their drawers are is the sexiest panty porn on the planet. And I do believe that many guys would agree with me. There is something so alluring about seeing a beautiful lady in her underwear. Something that holds promise of something more to come.


    Of course, watching a sexy babe tease me while she is wearing her lingerie is appealing, but I really love it when she takes it off. Then I not only get to play with her pussy, but I have her underwear as a souvenir. A souvenir that I can enjoy the rest of my life.

    In my quest for the best undergarment erotica I've found some sites to be better than others. Take Panty Amateur, for instance. This site has the kind of panty porn that really excites me. Incredible girls in nothing but their underwear. What possibly could be better than that?