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  • Using Pantyhose Pics To Make Porn Predictions

    Date: Jan 02, 2022 | Category: Stockings / Pantyhose

    Sometimes you find pantyhose pics on a porn site such as Only Opaques and they don't require any explanation at all in order for people to know what the scene is all about. Take the hosiery pictures of this beautiful lady named Kristina. They tell me everything I need to know about this girl and her scene.

    Pantyhose Pics

    What can I tell from this chick's stocking photos, you ask? Well, I can tell that she is a secretary and that she works in the office. I can also tell that she has a pretty nice set of boobs. However, this isn't the only things that I can figure out about Kristina by looking at her pantyhose pics. I can also tell by the way she is hugging her own tits that she wishes that there was a guy who would pay more attention to her breasts and less attention to just her pussy. I can also tell by the way she is standing that it has probably been a long time since she has had a man inside her. You see. All kinds of information can be deduced from a woman's nylon pictures.

    Try it out for yourself. Head on over to Only Opaques and see what you can learn from the stocking pics of all of the girls on the site. Then watch their videos. I bet that you will have learned so much from the thumbnails, that you will be able to adequately predict what the women will be like in her porn videos.

  • Where Can I Find The Best Pantyhose Pics?

    Date: Jul 04, 2021 | Category: Stockings / Pantyhose

    People often ask me what the best site is for pantyhose pics and I always have the same answer for them. If you are looking for the best leotard and legging pictures, then there is only one site for you. A site that goes by the name Only Opaques. This site has the kind of nylon photos that most guys will want to see.

    Pantyhose Pics

    Of course, while Only Opaques does have a pretty massive collection of pantyhose pics, that isn't the only thing they have. They also have a pretty big collection of videos to go along with all of these hosiery photos. That means that stocking fans can have the best of both worlds. After all, why choose between stocking pictures and videos when you don't have to.

    Out of the 300,000 pantyhose photos and 700 videos, there is bound to be something that appeals to just about every guy. Sure, I found this picture of Elle Richie in their collection and I like it a lot, but that doesn't mean that it appeals to you. If it doesn't, then head to this site and grab the thumbnails of the girls you do like. Like I said, there is something for everyone.