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  • Is It The Girl Or The Pantys

    Date: Jul 02, 2024 | Category: Panties

    I think I am having a little bit of a dilemma. I can't decide if I want to check out this woman's smoking hot body or her tight pantys. Who could make a choice like that? I mean, her body is fucking smoking hot. She has those huge swollen tits and those earth shattering thighs. Not to mention one hell of a pretty face, but that pair of pantys is mystifying.


    I discovered this chick on Panty Maniacs and I haven't been able to get her out of my head since I saw her. She is a perfect ten. Of course, why wouldn't she be? Panty Maniacs has long been known for their collection of beautiful women. Women they squeeze into the most tantalizing pairs of underwear.

    I guess that I am just going to have to divide my attention between this girl's body and her incredible pair of undies. I think that is the best I can do.

  • Pantys By Any Other Name Would Still Smell As Sweet

    Date: Jun 18, 2024 | Category: Panties

    Have you ever noticed that there people call pantys by a variety of different names? There are not only proper words for describing pantys, but there are also quite a few slang terms for it. So many, in fact, that I have decided to go over some of the things that people call panties.

    One of my favorite slang terms for panties is squirrel cover. I have always found that to be a fascinating way to describe that particular article of clothing. Some other slang words I like are y-fronts, butt huggers, tighty whities, taco tights, clam coats and pussy pouches. Pretty inventive names if I do say so myself.


    Of course, there are also some of the more traditional names for them. These include drawers, briefs, undergarments, underwear, intimate things, underclothes and underpants. And let us not forget the term knickers. Wow, you can call these things a lot of different things.

    What really matters, however, is how they look on a beautiful woman. That is what really counts and no site knows this fact better than Panty Maniacs. They not only take this article of clothing seriously but they also take seriously how they film them on the beautiful ladies that populate their site. They know that what you call this piece of clothing is not important. Because it all means the same thing: hot.