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  • Pantyhose Pictures Are Like Good Foreplay

    Date: May 04, 2022 | Category: Stockings / Pantyhose

    I found this little cutie named Kara Carter on a porn site called Only Opaques and ever since I did I have been fascinated with her pantyhose pictures. Her hosiery thumbnails have really got my blood flowing in the right direction, if you know what I mean.

    Pictures Pantyhose

    Stocking photos like this one are always great to find on a porn site. They allow you to familiarize yourself with the lady and they get you ready for the videos. I know nowadays almost everyone immediately goes to the videos and bypass the nylon pics, but I actually like to start with them. That's because I kind of think of them as foreplay for the main action. Does that make me weird?

    Well, I don't think that makes me odd. In fact, I think quite a few people check out the pantyhose pictures on Only Opaques before they dig into the videos. Especially since these photos are so fucking hot.

  • Pictures Of Pantyhose - Choose The One You Want

    Date: Aug 28, 2021 | Category: Stockings / Pantyhose

    If you check out the pictures of pantyhose clad ladies on stocking fetish sites, it will give you a really good idea of what the videos are going to be like. I know that in our digital age almost everyone wants to jump right into the videos, but taking a moment to check out the photos of stocking covered chicks can be not only a great precursor to the action, but can allow you to get a good idea of what the ladies personality is like away from her video scenes.

    Pictures Pantyhose

    And trust me, personality is important when you are checking out a porn site. You want to find a woman with the type of personality you like in order for you to get the maximum enjoyment out of the scene. Otherwise, you are doing a lot of starting and stopping of the videos before you find the babe that you really want to see.

    I used the pictures of pantyhose wearing women to help me choose the one I want to see first. That is how I found Nickie Ann here. I could tell from her nylon photos that she was a chick that had kind of a chip on her shoulder. She knew she was beautiful and her fans wanted to see her strip down to her pantyhose. I like that spunk, so that is why I always start my porn sessions with Nickie Ann. Of course, it would've taken a lot longer without her thumbnails to look at.