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  • Plump Pussy Will Keep You Warm All Winter

    Date: Jul 04, 2024 | Category: BBW / Fat

    As I am writing this today, a bunch of ice and snow has just fallen. That means that I am probably going to be trapped in my house for a couple of days. Normally, this would fill me with a certain degree of dread and lingering thoughts of cabin fever, but today is not one of those days. No, I am going to pass the time with some beautiful, sexy and horny plump babes.


    Corpulent ladies have what it takes for me to fight off the brutal winter weather. With their soft, warm bodies they are the perfect kind of chicks to keep me nice and toasty warm. I am so thankful as I make my way through this winter storm that I have sites like Plumper Pass available on my computer to feed me an almost unlimited supply of big ladies and portly porn.

    It seems like I am going to be spending a whole lot of time with obese babes like Anastasia Vanderbust. This large blonde porn star has all the rolls and curves I need to keep me insulated from the extreme winter weather. I am sure that her wild sexual debauchery will also help heat my blood and keep my nether regions warm as well. If you don't have your own pudgy little slut to do the same for you, then you probably should stock up on the porn on Plumper Pass.

  • The Plump Molly Howard Is A Sex Machine

    Date: Jun 06, 2021 | Category: BBW / Fat

    A plump porn star who is as famous as Molly Howard really doesn't need an introduction, but I will give you one anyway. This corpulent BBW actress was born in Ocala, Florida and has been doing porn for a number of years now. She has amazing blue eyes and is a natural blonde and is known for her tight pussy and 38 F cup tits. She is also known for how well she fucks.

    I first saw Molly Howard on Plumper Pass and I have had a crush ever since I first laid eyes on her. I don't know if it's her pink pierced pussy or her rotund 38F-31-35 body, but she sure has captured my attention and I am sure if you give her a chance she will do the same thing for you.


    When you see how well she can fuck you will be completely amazed. This chick might be buxom and stout, but she has the sexual energy of ten skinny chicks rolled into one. I have seen her fuck three guys at a time and not even break a sweat. This big babe is like a stick of sexual dynamite buried in the body of a fleshy goddess. Plump, delicious and so ready to fuck hard.

    If I have captured your attention, then you need to head on over to this site and see what this chick does for you. Once you see her, and all her hot portly girlfriends, you will wonder why you haven't visited this site sooner.