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  • Divine Bitches Has My Favorite Sex Slave Scene

    Date: Aug 04, 2021 | Category: Femdom

    I really enjoy femdom action. That is why I make sure that I visit Divine Bitches at least once a day. That way, I can enjoy the latest video of the next guy willing to make himself a sex slave to some fine ass dominatrix.

    One of my favorite scenes that I recently saw on this site is this one represented by this screen shot. It shows this guy being submissive to this fine raven haired mistress. And man, she is really putting a hurting on this guy. She not only has this guy tied down spread eagle on her table, but she also made sure that he was quiet while she worked on him. She did that by inserting a ball gag into his mouth.

    Sex Slave

    After she has incapacitated and silenced him, she then methodically goes to work. She starts off by slowly working three of her fingers into his tight asshole. She damn near shoves her entire fist up his ass so she can gently rub his prostate. Then she takes her gloved right hand and slowly begins to stroke his cock. Slow and steady until he is just about ready to lose his fucking mind.

    What happens after that will blow your mind. Of course, if you want to know what happens then you are just going to have to visit Divine Bitches. After all, I hate spoiling a great ending.

  • Divine Bitches Always Offers Fresh Sex Slave Porn

    Date: Apr 25, 2021 | Category: Femdom

    Femdom porn is something that you either love or you hate. There really isn't any middle ground. So if you are in the former group, then continue to read on because that is what we are going to be talking about. If you find yourself in the latter group, however, all I can do is offer my apology and let you know that it's not going to last long.

    Sex Slave

    I was checking out Divine Bitches when I came across this hot scene featuring a beautiful dominatrix and her bound sex slave. This is one of those great scenes because every time you look at it you see something different. The first thing that I noticed was that this blonde mistress had tied up her sexual subservient in a complex rope configuration that is very reminiscent of Japanese bondage. Then I took a second look and noticed that this chick was whipping her fornication drudge without mercy. And then I gave the scene one more look and noticed that not only was she spanking his ass while her captive sexual serf is tied up, but she is also pegging him with a very large black dildo. This skivvy must have been a very bad boy. I'm surprised that she doesn't throw in some cock torture as an added measure.

    This scene really conveys about Divine Bitches. Not only do they have the hottest head mistresses and the most subservient sex slaves, but they also have porn that gives you a different experience every single time you watch it.