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  • Sexy Teachers Spread So Easily

    Date: Aug 28, 2023 | Category: Unusual

    Sexy teachers spread as easily as jam on bread. At least that is what sites like My First Sex Teacher makes you believe. The ladies on this site let their students suck on their big tits, and slide their rock hard collegiate cocks deep inside their love holes. I'm sure that it beats the hell out of learning your vocabulary words and that is for sure.

    Sexy Teachers

    Of course, all of the sexy teachers on this site are played by porn stars and not actual sultry instructors. And for me that's okay for a couple of reasons. One, any sizzling educator who fucks her students in class probably wouldn't be teaching very long. Two, it's a sexual fantasy that is supposed to fire up your imagination about the possibility of fucking a fiery abecedarian.

    This incredible scene is a perfect example. Here we have the beautiful and obviously very horny porn star Sara Jay doing what she does best. Getting naked and very nasty. Sara Jay is the perfect person to play a sexy instructor. She is older, has giant juggs and a pussy that would be a delight to spread and fuck. I'm sure this guy is thrilled scraping her jar with his big cock. I know that I was thrilled just watching it.

  • I'm Pretty Hard On Sexy Teachers

    Date: Apr 22, 2022 | Category: Unusual

    I was checking out India Summer fucking her students on a porn site called My First Sex Teacher and I just have to call bullshit. What guy gets a chance to fuck a sexy teacher like her? I imagine very few guys would get a chance to bang a hot schoolteacher, much less one that is hot as this fucking bitch.

    Sexy Teachers

    I know. It's porn and therefore it is just a fantasy, but damn it kind of made me mad at first. I had a French teacher who looked almost like India Summer and I wanted to fuck her it just about made me sick. She had long legs that I imagined wrapped around me as I stuck my love stick deep inside her pencil sharpener. However, I never got the chance to bang this sexy teacher. It's one of the few regrets of my life.

    So as you can imagine I was pretty steamed. At least for the first five seconds of watching this video. Then something happened. I noticed that as the bulge in my jeans increased my level of anger began to fall. Before long I was having a good time watching this schoolteacher screwing her star student and before long, I was shooting my load all over my keyboard. Maybe I am being a bit hard on this site after all.