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  • Simply The Best Spanking Pictures

    Date: May 04, 2024 | Category: BDSM

    You don't see spanking pictures like this one everyday. Not unless you are a member of Whipped Ass. This porn site which is dedicated to hot whipping porn delivers this kind of action on a daily basis. Unlike other sites which tend to give you whatever crap they can dig up along the way.

    Spanking Pictures

    But that is why Whipped Ass has become the premier site for fans of this genre. They not only deliver whipping pictures that you can sink your teeth into and have a way of drawing you in, but they also have hot videos that do an even better job of conveying the sensation that you are actually in the room with these performers.

    If you want spanking pictures, or videos for that matter, then your choice should be really simple. This site is simply the best and they know what their members want. And since they are fans of the genre themselves they have no problem in fulfilling these needs. Check it out today and you won't be disappointed by what you find on their porn site.

  • The Best Spanking Pictures You Will Ever Study

    Date: Jan 21, 2021 | Category: BDSM

    I have seen some very hot spanking pictures during the course of my lifetime. I have seen ones that made me hard as soon as I looked at them, and some that slowly built me up to my sexual peak. However, I have never seen spanking pictures that were as hot as this gallery I found on Whipped Ass.

    Spanking Pictures

    These swatting photos were something special and I knew it from the moment I saw them. They had a style that was not only unique but was also very sexually stimulating. They allowed me to enter a fantasy world that I never knew existed and certainly was not something I expected a porn site to have the power to do.

    It featured this beautiful doe eyed teen who was evidently doing very poorly in class because her hot teacher made her stay after school. After a good berating, the teacher decided that the only way to get this teen to focus on her studies was to give her a good butt beating. And that is exactly what she did. This teacher sat down and laid this beautiful girl across her lap so she could get access to her nice round ass. She then proceeded to beat her ass until it was red and this sexy teen had tears in her eyes. The teacher began to feel that this school girl had learned her lesson, but then something changed. With each hit she noticed her pussy was getting wetter with each strike. Check out these whipping pictures to see what happens next.