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  • Don't Believe The Critics-Spankins Are Sexually Healthy

    Date: Aug 22, 2021 | Category: BDSM

    There is one sexual act that seems to always cause controversy in the world of porn. It is the act of giving women spankings. Believe it or not, there are many critics of ass paddling that believe the act somehow disparages women in a very negative fashion. I would like to take a moment to take exception to that belief.

    Watching the act of caning on porn sites such as Spanking Online is no different than engaging in the act with your partner. It doesn't disparage women in any fashion, whatsoever. In fact, many women love to have their asses spanked by their partners and don't feel it is an act that lowers their worth.


    Let's face the unblinking truth here folks. Millions of people enjoy giving women spankings. Both in their own private sex lives as well as in porn. And these people live normal and very healthy sex lives. I believe the critics that disparage this act are either ignorant of the actual act or simply have an axe to grind against BDSM porn in general.

    However, I will leave it up to you to decide whether butt punishment is degrading to women. I think if you take a moment to look into sites such as Spanking Online you will find it no different than any other sexual act that consenting adults enjoy.

  • Don't Dismiss Spankings Until You've Experienced Them

    Date: Jul 13, 2021 | Category: BDSM

    I want to take a few moments to talk about spankings. You know, that special part of a lot of BDSM that is exciting to watch all the time, but can be sometimes hard to watch at other times. The kind of action that you find on sites such as Spanking Online.

    Different people have different names for spankings. Names such as caning, paddling, flogging, walloping, whipping and lashing. It just depends on what people are used to calling it. However, no matter what people call it, I think everyone can agree that it is pretty damn hot.


    I wasn't always a fan of smacking, but once I saw it on Spanking Online I knew it was the type of porn for me. There is just something so hot about watching hot girls bend over and get their rear ends tanned using a variety of techniques which range from open hands to paddles and brushes. This is the type of porn I always wanted.

    This, of course, brings me to my point. Don't dismiss spankings or the effect they have on your sexual entertainment until you take the time to see it for yourself. I think that once you do you will find something that might not be able to be adequately put into words but is hot as hell.