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  • How Great Would Teacher Sex Be?

    Date: Mar 08, 2022 | Category: Unusual

    How great would teacher sex be if you could actually get it in real life? I know for me it would be a dream come true. Schoolteacher fucking is one of my favorite fantasies. As I am sure it is for anyone who ever went to class and wanted to plunge their cock in their instructor's pencil box.

    While it would be great to have teacher sex with a babe that you seduced, it would be even better if the instructor seduced you. Especially if the chick was a young teacher aid who just felt the urge to get her pussy stuffed right after class.

    Teacher Sex

    That is exactly what happens during this fantasy scene. It features the beautiful Rilynn Rae giving her student a little extracurricular work after all of the other students. If there was a fucking teacher that you would want to poke it would be Rilynn Rae. I guess it is probably a good thing that she became a porn star instead of pursuing a career in education. Imagine how many guys would have flunked out of college because they were banging this tight slut.

    Of course, you could always visit My First Sex Teacher and pretend this chick is your professor and wants you to fuck her hard and long. You wouldn't mind staying after class.

  • Teacher Sex Is One Hot Fantasy

    Date: Apr 17, 2021 | Category: Unusual

    I remember my college days pretty well and I don't think I ever had a teacher who was hot as Cherokee. And I know for a fact that I never had a hot teacher sex me up. If I did, then my grades probably would have been a whole lot better than they were. Or maybe, my grades would have been worse. I don't know.

    I do know that if I had teacher sex with a milf as sexy and stunning as Cherokee my attendance would have been a whole lot better. Are you kidding me? Going to class every day and knowing that you were going to be fucking the instructor. Man, I would stay after class ever single day.

    Teacher Sex

    Of course, this is just a fantasy for most guys. Educator screwing is something that very few guys will ever get a chance to do. It just doesn't happen that often and if it does, then it never ever involves a schoolteacher that looks like this smoking hot babe. It really is just a fantasy.

    However, it is a fantasy that guys can enjoy. If not in real life, then vicariously through the guys on My First Sex Teacher. Which is a pretty good way of reliving those instructor fucking fantasies. As long as those fantasies don't involve algebra. I was terrible at that subject.