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  • It Doesn't Have To Be Difficult To Enjoy Up Skirts

    Date: Apr 27, 2024 | Category: Upskirt

    Up skirts make me really happy. In fact, there are few other things that can make me happier. There is something so exciting about them and something that really makes me horny. I know not everyone feels this way, but that's okay because it only matters that it has that effect on me.

    I am so fond of up skirts and underwear shots that I often look for them in public whenever I get a chance. It doesn't matter if I'm in church, at a wedding or a night club. It doesn't matter if I'm walking around the streets or in the supermarket. If I can find one, then I am a pretty happy camper.

    Up Skirts

    Of course, finding them in real life can be really hard. In the first place, most women keep themselves covered up really well. Unless they are really drunk or careless, that is. And if you do get to catch one, then it is almost always too brief to really enjoy. It is usually only for a second or two and then it's gone. They are pretty elusive you know.

    That is why I decided to break down and go ahead and get a membership at the Upskirt Collection. At least on this site I can find all of the pussy peeks and underwear shots I could ever want to see. And these aren't momentary flashes either. They are full-on shots that I can take my time with and enjoy to the fullest extent.

  • Up Skirts Are Always A Big Surprise

    Date: Mar 03, 2022 | Category: Upskirt

    Do you know what's funny about up skirts? You never know what you are going to get. In one set of pictures you may see hot babes wearing cute panties. In another photograph you might find cute babe in granny panties, and in the set following that you might find women with leather underwear. You just never know what kind of panty shot you are going to get.

    While all of the panty shots I have mentioned are all pretty great, I think there is one other kind that I like the most. I like the shots of women with either crotchless panties or with no panties on at all. Those are the ones that really make me happy. A surprise muff shot always gets my attention.

    Up Skirts

    This picture is a perfect example. Just a young European woman hanging out and having a good time with her friends while her pussy is out for the entire world to see. I'm not sure if she knows that she is pussy flashing everyone, but if she does then she is pretty happy about it.

    Up skirts like this one are priceless and are always a surprise. It doesn't matter how many of them you see; they always seem to catch you off guard. That is probably why I've been a member of the Upskirt Collection for so long. Because this porn genre never fails to amaze and impress.