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  • Nothing Better Than Watching Your Wife Being Pleasured

    Date: Sep 03, 2021 | Category: Wives

    There are a lot of vivacious wives who love to get fucked by other guys while their husbands are in the same room. These horny housewives get really excited knowing that their partners are watching them as they give another man a blowjob or fuck them really hard.


    That is what is happening in this scene I found on Housewife Bangers. This nerdy gentleman gets to watch his supermodel wife explore her freaky side. This chick is riding her boyfriends cock reverse cowgirl style and she is really riding it hard. What I don't understand about this scene, however, is how this dude doesn't even whip out his cock and jack off. You know that he has to be getting off on this action as well.

    I know that if I was one of the guys who are watching their wives getting laid by other people, I would be stroking my cock to no end. By the time is was all over I would literally have sperm all over my jeans and possibly my shoes. Just watching these brides fucking is hot enough watching on a porn site, I imagine it is ten times hotter in real life. What do you think?

  • It's Fun Watching Other Guys' Wives Getting Banged

    Date: May 15, 2021 | Category: Wives

    What I really don't understand about the guys on Housewife Bangers is how they can just watch their sexy wives getting pounded by another guy. They just sit there and watch as their spouses open up their willing pussies and let another cock in. And sometimes, they do this while their partners and their new boyfriends are right on top of them. I couldn't deal with that.


    As far as watching it, however, it is fucking hot as hell. While I couldn't deal with my lady giving up her twat to another guy, watching other guys put up with it is the bomb. Not only is watching these guy's bride's sucking dick or getting fucked hard a lot of fun, but the looks on the guy's faces can be pretty hilarious.

    Which is why I think everyone should take a look at this site. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and watch to see horny wives cuckolding their husbands, then this is the logical porn site to watch. The better halves of these men give up the pussy and they give it up well. I have to say this might be some of the most entertaining XXX action I've seen in quite a few years.