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  • Fully Clothed Women Peeing Is Hot As Hell

    Date: Apr 23, 2024 | Category: Pissing

    Fully Clothed Pissing seems to always produce the kind of porn that golden shower fans want to see. It is as if they know the watersport genre inside and out. In fact, after looking at all of their videos and pictures of women peeing, then I am pretty confident that they are not only porn producers but are also fans of this genre.

    They just seem to be able to do wonders with all of the ladies peeing. They know how to light and shoot the scenes and the women they choose are hot as hell. And that isn't mentioning the fact that what they have done with this niche is heads and shoulders above what other porn sites are doing.

    Women Peeing

    It is pretty damn exciting to see fully clothed women pissing all over themselves, their guys and each other. A lot of other sites have completely nude girls urinating on each other, but this site had the foresight to have hem keep their clothes on. Brilliant fucking move in my opinion.

    So if you are intersted in watching women peeing, then you should really do yourself a favor and check this site out. Once you arrive on their doorstep you will know exactly why I sent you there.

  • This Women Peeing Scene Isn't For Everyone

    Date: Feb 08, 2022 | Category: Pissing

    Not all scenes featuring women peeing are equal. Not even on illustrious watersports sites such as Pissing In Action. Some scenes are always going to be better than others. However, this is highly subjective. One scene featuring women urinating might be viewed in different ways by different guys. One guy might love it while another guy might not care for it at all. That is just human nature.

    I have found a scene on Pissing In Action, however, that I feel will appeal to the largest demographic possible. One that most golden showers fans will really appreciate. Maybe not all golden bath fans, but the vast majority of them.

    Women Peeing

    This scene features two women peeing with their male friend in a shower. This guy holds up his girlfriend so she can arc her urine stream right into the mouth of her female friend. Presumably after she has just got done servicing this guy's cock. See, I told you this was one hot scene of chicks pissing. Most fans of this genre are going to love this picture and its related video.

    However, if you are in the minority and don't really appreciate the beauty or power of this sex scene, then don't worry. You can always head on over to Pissing In Action and find the type of porn that you are interested in watching.