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Adult Friend Finder Review


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Dating is the pits. You take a girl out, stuff her full of food, promise not to cum in her hair and what does she do? She dumps you after two dates for a guy she met at her yoga class (I speak from experience). What if you could just skip all that flowers 'n' candy crap and go right to the good stuff (i.e., s-e-x)? With a subscription to Adult Friend Finder, a dating service that caters to swingers, you can! Essentially, Adult Friend Finder is for people who just want to fuck and not fall in love.

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Looking for a soul mate? Try Searching for someone to share your hopes and dreams with? Check out Looking for a fuck buddy or someone willing to videotape you while you pork your overweight wife on the back of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle? Give Adult Friend Finder a shot.


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User comments/reviews and ratings of Adult Friend Finder:

  • by Gabe  -  Rating: 5/5

    It works and it works damn well, but you will have to put in a little work and have some patience to get a hook up here. I joined the site about 3 months ago and immediately started contacting as many girls as I could find that I wanted to hook up with. A lot of the girls didn't even reply to my messages, but I had a ton of girls and even some older broads message me through my profile and I have met about 8 girls offline. Don't be expecting every girl you chat with to drop their panties as most of them just want to chat and become friends first, but if you hang in there I promise you will be shagging pussy in not time.

  • by kinky slave  -  Rating: 3/5

    I have been a member for about a week or so now and I have yet to hook up with anyone. You are right when you say that some of the girls don't even respond to your messages. I have had a few girls contact me, but just passing emails and messages is about as far as it has gotten me. I should spend a little more time than a few hours before I really comment about this site.

  • by fucker  -  Rating: 5/5

    Don't be upset u won't get fucked first time. Give it a month and you'll get fucked hard. My tenth girl from the site came last week. Best blow of my life

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